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  1. How much of this is left?

    This is a screenshot from Slade's film Flame (complete film on Youtube) showing the lower part of the street as seen in the photo... See also this Sheffield History thread
  2. Green Lane Works & Eagle Works, Kelham

    A question... This Picture Sheffield image shows the bust of Henry Elliott Hoole from the inner pediment of the arch at Green Lane Works. You can see the location from a distance on some of the photos above. They suggest it is wholly or partially missing. This (older) image from Flickr (which can be zoomed successfully) confirms that there is only an ugly hole where the bust used to be. Can anyone tell me if the bust is lost or has been taken away for safe-keeping?
  3. (I realise this is an old thread!) I can find no evidence that HE Hoole was ever Master Cutler. He is not on this list. He was Mayor in 1859-60 (no *Lord* Mayors in Sheffield until 1897) Curiously the same spurious date appears on the Sheffield Public Art Site (Hallam University) in the description of the monumental arch Hoole built at the Green Lane Works to celebrate his term as Mayor. That site claims the date 1842 is on one of the bronze plaques but you can see from their own photo that it says 1860.
  4. Esther Edley

    This blog post looks relevant NA Blog - Naturalisation records
  5. Esther Edley

    The National Archives is a possible place to look for naturalisation records - I found my Danish Gt Grandfather listed (but later, in the 1920s). I haven't accessed the record to see what it contains. Their search engine is here NA Discovery As you probably know Esther's maiden name was WARNER and they had a son in Ontario in 1874. I see there are some photos of them in a family tree at Ancestry. Hugh
  6. Broomhill Library

    Despite being a "staunch churchman" he is buried in the unconsecrated part of the General Cemetery.
  7. Broomhill Library

    The family of John Fanshaw LITTLEWOOD, cooper and packing case maker, lived there from at least 1872 to the deaths of John Fanshaw in 1904 and Martha his wife in 1910. They were probably there in 1871 when their address is simply listed as 'Taptonville'. In the 1911 census it looks as though this person has moved in (from Sheffield Indexers)... Lee, Arthur S (, Director & Secretary (Arthur Lee & Sons Ltd, Crown Street Rollling Mills). Address: h. 10 Taptonville Road, in 1911. Recorded in: Whites Directory of Sheffield & Rotherham - 1911. There are several references to it as Oriel House
  8. 1965 image of these properties prior to demolition: Junction of Eyre Street and Charles Lane 1965
  9. 1896 Insurance Map Eyre St left, Charles Lane bottom. "P.H." = Foresters Arms [beerhouse]
  10. (with apologies for the offensive racist language at the end)
  11. In 1887 the Sheffield Weekly Telegraph looked back at these events and reminded readers of the location of the School of Anatomy: (10 Dec 1887)
  12. 1951 map showing the locations mentioned above...
  13. Mixed Babies (1905) The first scene shows the grocer's shop at 144 Providence Road (Walkley). This building no longer exists but at the end of the scene there is a glimpse up the street of no. 126 which is still there. The reminder of the film (which is incomplete) shows Walkley Crescent Road with nos. 174-178 (I think). I recently discovered the grave of the wife of Frank Storm Mottershaw in Walkley Cemetery, buried with her parents.