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  1. So this would be Mac, unless there was more than one generation of Blue and Gold Picture Sheffield link
  2. Taken out of a skip in front of the pavilions c1988 (best guess)
  3. There is a query about Stanton Broom Glossop Road on pp18-19 of this thread (dates from 2011)... This is the 1855 OS map. Stanton Broom was a terrace of c16 houses, here shown as one block, at the junction with Clarkehouse Road. The same terrace unnamed in 1894 (25" map)
  4. Rhoda and her siblings (GRO Births): mother’s maiden name: BEAL CHAMPION, FLORRY 1893 J Quarter in WORTLEY CHAMPION, RHODA 1895 S Quarter in WORTLEY CHAMPION, HAROLD 1897 S Quarter in WORTLEY CHAMPION, MINNIE 1899 D Quarter in WORTLEY CHAMPION, FRED 1902 M Quarter in WORTLEY CHAMPION, THORNTON 1904 J Quarter in WORTLEY [Twin] CHAMPION, REGGIE 1904 J Quarter in WORTLEY [Twin] [died 1904] CHAMPION, ARTHUR 1906 J Quarter in WORTLEY CHAMPION, ELLA BEAL 1908 M Quarter in WORTLEY CHAMPION, PHYLLIS BEAL 1910 S Quarter in WORTLEY CHAMPION, IVY BEAL 1913 S Quarter in HUDDERSFIELD Although at a pinch Ella could be 'Nellie' or 'Eleanor', she's too young - all the cousins in the photo look about the same age. I can't find likely examples of Ada, Eleanor, Nellie in the trees at Ancestry. Hugh
  5. I think that 'Mrs' is actually 'Mos' = Months I suspect the middle bit is abbreviations and is the same thing in each except that in the first entry it's not quite so abbreviated. A guess: line 1 frm labr ?farm labour/labourer lines 2&3 flabr ?same but more abbreviated I can't think what the last item is - _ide Where was this convict held/living? Hugh
  6. A fascinating article about file cutters by Joan Unwin: https://www.dhi.ac.uk/matshef/unwin/MSfilecutter.htm
  7. Recently added to PictureSheffield - I believe it is the Don Inn: PictureSheffield link: image t11243
  8. Do you have the 1918 marriage certificate? Hugh
  9. Do you know when in 1912 she disappeared? Was the report or notice in a local newspaper - I looked but couldn't find it? The Clarkson household would have been in mourning in September when an 11 month-old daughter died in the Children's Hospital. If Ruth was still there she may have reacted to the grief in the household. Do you know Ruth's exact date of birth? I don't know if it will help but some later records (death records, 1939 register) record dates of birth. The Clarksons' address was 47 rather than 42 Carr Road - in 1911 William used a ink stamp to put his address on the census form (one he probably used in his work). The '7' is curvy but it is definitely a 7. I live a few doors further up Carr Rd. I also know a granddaughter of William. Hugh
  10. I have added some notes and finding aids to the first post in this thread, including a complete list of the insurance maps.
  11. Joseph's BATTY grandparents Charles and Clara are buried at City Road. I'm not sure about his WILKINSON grandparents William and Henrietta. William *may* have died in 1916, buried City Road. Henretta *may* have then married John SMITH
  12. I'm not related but as this family came from my side of town I picked out a few points, which you may already have: A school record from SheffieldIndexers, giving his date of birth: Batty, Joseph (Student, dob 09 Dec 1917). Parent or guardian name(s): Joseph (~), of 163 Channing Rd. Admitted to Marlcliffe Rd Mixed Council School, Wadsley, as of 26 Aug 1929, until 23 Dec 1931, reason for leaving: Over age. Previously attended Walkley C. His birth was not registered until the next quarter. The index lists his mother's maiden as WILKINSON. His parents marriage from Indexers: BATTY, Joseph (Bachelor, age 22, Furnace man, residing at 26 Craven St). Married Charlotte WILKINSON, on December 25, 1906, by Robert Newton Dewe (Banns) at St Philips Church, Shalesmoor. Father's name is Charles Batty (Furnace man). Married in the presence of Harry Youle,Rebecca Wilkinson. WILKINSON, Charlotte (Spinster, age 21, ~, residing at 19 Dun St). Married Joseph BATTY, on December 25, 1906, by Robert Newton Dewe (Banns) at St Philips Church, Shalesmoor. Father's name is William Wilkinson (Grinder). Married in the presence of Harry Youle,Rebecca Wilkinson. His own marriage in 1944: BATTY, Joseph (Bachelor, age 26, Detective, residing at 95 Burgoyne Rd). Married Lilian May June Townley RIVETTE, on April 29, 1944, by H K Smith (Banns) at St Bartholomew, Langsett Rd. Father's name is Joseph Batty,deceased (Furnaceman). Married in the presence of Alfred Rawson,Charlotte Pigott. RIVETTE, Lilian May June Townley (Spinster, age 22, ~, residing at 1 Wood Cottage Kingswear Devon). Married Joseph BATTY, on April 29, 1944, by H K Smith (Banns) at St Bartholomew, Langsett Rd. Father's name is Edward Townley Rivette (Traveller). Married in the presence of Alfred Rawson,Charlotte Pigott.
  13. George and Bertha TRIMM were living at 2 Popple Street in 1939! They both died in Rother Valley RD, Bertha in 1972. Bertha's birth date given then as 1 Jul 1894 (wrongly listed as 1893 in 1939) Hugh
  14. The death index lists the birth date of Anthony Peter WENTWORTH as 21 May 1919. His birth entry and marriage of his parents: GRO Births JUN Qtr 1919 PURNOT Florent L (mmn POOLE) Pancras 1b 58 GRO Marriages DEC Qtr 1918 POOLE Edith A (PURNOT) PURNET Florent (POOLE) Pancras 1b 188
  15. Burial in Tinsley Park Cemetery grave CB122gp HAYES Frank bur 12 Ap 1950 aged 2y son of Frank 38 Dane St/Childrens Hosp Sheffield gp=General Portion (denoting the unconsecrated part of the cemetery) This is the only burial in this grave according to the published database. This is a plan at Sheffield Indexers showing the sections in this cemetery http://sheffieldindexers.com/images/TinsleyPark_Cem_1.jpg I believe both Bereavement Services at City Road and Sheffield Archives can provide detailed plans showing individual plots. Hugh