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  1. I used to go on a Friday evening around 1973/74. I hated the hire skates and soon bought my own figure skates. Used to love going DH persuaded me to sell them a few years ago as we don't live near an ice rink now
  2. I saw the three degrees there for my 18th birthday in May 1975. Wasn't the club claimed to be the largest nightclub in Europe at the time? Micki
  3. I can remember seeing James Bond there. We used to refer to it as the local 'fleapit' !! They were the days...
  4. Thank you for putting these on Hjdary, it's fascinating to see how different the shop looks now. Shame it's been let, I could have pretended to be a prospective tenant and had a look round! I think it looks much more romantic in the old photos, what with the fancy upstairs windows and all the choccies on display. You almost feel like you could walk straight in
  5. I was so pleased to come across this, Algy was my grandfather and I don't recall ever seeing a picture of him so it was really nice to see. My Mother and her two sisters used to live above the shop (she is younger sister of Christian's Grandmother) and she has often described the shop and their lives there to me. I showed the posts to her at the weekend and it took her back Michelle