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  1. As I live in Dorset I find it particularly difficult when I need to check something at the Sheffield Archives. I know that I can ask them to do the checking for me but last time it cost me £40 and there was nothing useful in the results and being a pensioner I can't afford that kind of expense too often. I am wondering if there is someone who actually lives in or near Sheffield who might have the time and would be kind enough to go to the Sheffield Archives and look at an address on the electoral rolls for 5 different years. These will probably be on microfiche. I just don't know how else to tackle this situation other than to ask for the kindness of strangers. Grannypat
  2. Sheffield Council Planning Department want shooting for what they've done to The Moorfoot. I grew up in a little house just across the road from The S & E Co-op or The Arcade as it was known as. The 50s and the 60s it was a vibrant and bustling area from the town hall all the way down. It's an absolute crime and I could weep when I see what it's like today.
  3. Thank you syrup for your reply. That's really kind of you. I have seen that cutting before and it does paint a bit of a picture of what was happening at that time. I think that with three young children and another on the way at the time of that incident I can see how it might have happened. I suppose that what I'm really looking for is information about their neighbours and the sort of things which travel down the years by word of mouth. I kind of know the bare facts but I need to try to find out some background detail which might help to give me a clue about my grandfather.I know I'm being rather vague but when you're platting fog it's difficult describe the kind of fog which you need. ? They had next door neighbours whose name was Foster who I would love to find out more about.
  4. Does anyone have any connection to Beeley Street (off the bottom of Cemetery Road) back between 1913 and 1931? Do you have an ancestor who lived on this street? I have a very complicated knot in one of the branches of my family tree which I would love to try to unpick. Any help would be gratefully received. The family I'm trying to find something out about was named Stevenson and there were four children who all attended St. Matthias during these years. Another family who lived on the same street who are also of interest were called Foster. I know a lot about the Stevenson family as this is quite a close connection but I'm trying this wildcard in the hope that someone out there has the missing piece of the jigsaw.
  5. Just to let you know that I went on FMP and looked at 11, Beeley Street, Sheffield on 1911 census and it shows that this was a 3 roomed dwelling which means it must have been a back to back. Don't know why I didn't think to do that in the first place. Sorry. Grannypat
  6. Thanks for doing that johnm. Where is The CIrcle? I can't say I've ever heard of it. My ES is described on all four childrens birth certs as a mechanical engineer. I'm not exactly sure what kinds of jobs this description could cover. Car mechanic, locomotive mechanic, steel works? Do you have any ideas?
  7. Hi Lizziejampot, I am back at last. I have been unable to access this site for months. I shall now go back and search out the details of my ancestor who died in the workhouse and get back to you. Bet you thought that I had just forgotten or not bothered. So sorry for the delay. I really don't know what happened but just couldn't get on. According to posts on Sheffield Forum I wasn't the only one who had this problem. I'll get back to you asap. Grannypat
  8. I would think that might only be possible if you could be in touch with her descendents. Perhaps via a piece in the newspaper or parish magazine. Until such time that the freedom of information act releases the Census for these dates there really isn't another way that I know of. In America the census are freely available right up to date but not here I'm afraid. I really looking forward to the 1921 census being online but that won't be for a few years yet. If I'm wrong about any of this then do please put me straight. Grannypat
  9. My gran and her family lived on Beeley Street off the bottom of Cemetery Road between 1913 and 1931. Does anyone have any relatives who also lived on this street around that time? Trying to piece together a history of events in this area around that time. I've seen and ordered the photo from Picture Sheffield which shows the houses as being 3 stories. I am told that it is unlikely that they were back to back houses. Any information that you can offer me would be greatly appreciated. Grannypat
  10. Hi Neddy, Yes I've done that. The chap you've found lived on Tullibardine Road in 1911and 1925 and that was still his address when he died in 1930. My grandfather is shown as being a resident on Beeley Street in 1925 and Edward Foster Stephenson is shown as a resident of Tullibardine Road for that same year. He was also a silversmith and so was his son after him. He seems to have been a family man and I don't think it is likely that he left a nice house on Tullibardine Road to live for nearly 20 years on Beeley Street. I must admit that I got quite excited about this chap when I first found him. He seemed such a strong possibility. The Stephenson spelling is still a possible but the same problem applies. I need an age at a specific date so that I can find out where and when he was born. It was a good thought though and I thank you for taking the time to message me. Do you have any more thoughts? I'm really grateful for any suggestions. Pat
  11. I have been on that site but I do find it difficult to use for some reason. I have never been able to access any information on there. It must be that my mind is wired differently. It did occur to me that perhaps my grandfather might have spent some years in a hospital and that's why I can't find him but how could I check that? Having just jumped through various hoops to try to find details of an ancestor who spent almost 60 years of her life in Middlewood Hospital, and paid out £40.50 for the search, only to be given her hospital number and nothing else I am a little loath to do that again. He doesn't seem to have died in the period and area where I 'lost' him so I'm really not sure where to look now. The fact that I'm looking at a time during the 1930s makes life very difficult. It would have been easier a hundred years earlier me thinks. I'm beginning to lose my mojo with this search. I have been looking for so long and have covered so much ground and got absolutely nowhere that it's very disheartening. Grannypat
  12. Hi Lizzie, Thank you for that. Briliant photograph. Must have been taken in the 60s would you think? Wish I could see the house numbers. I'm never happy am I? I've walked down that road so many times over the years and just never knew it's significance. The building at the end which is facing down Beeley Street - I've stood in that first floor window looking out when I used to work at The Arcade as a window dresser. Gosh that's so long ago it almost seems like another life. Thanks again. Pat
  13. I was born and brought up in Hurst Road which came into the borough of Sharrow I'm fairly certain. It was off the bottom of Clarence Street just across from The Arcade. Surely if there was a large house name Sharrow Vale it must have been somewhere near? Grannypat
  14. Hi Unitedite Returns, I knew my grandmother very well. I was actually with her when she died. She is not the problem. She lived with Edward Stevenson from 1913 to 1930 at 11, Beeley Street. They had four children but never married. They are there in 1930 according to electoral rolls but by the 1931 electoral rolls they are no longer there. In 1934 my gran married Oliver Parker and on her marriage cert it says that she is a spinster and gives her maiden name. My mum, the eldest child was married in 1935 and on that certificate Edward Stevenson is shown as her father but deceased. I have no idea where my gran met him or where or when he was born which is why I cannot find his death either. I have checked deaths for that name between 1930 and 1935 but nothing jumps out at me as being suitable. The fact that 2 of their children were born during the war makes me think he might have had a restricted employment (I am told a mechanical engineer might fall into this category) and perhaps didn't serve in the military. The fact that they never married might suggest that he was already married? Thank you for your thoughts and I am open to any suggestions, I really am. I'm at a standstill. Oh and yes I am on Ancestry so that is probably my tree that you have found. Grannypat
  15. I shall dig it out as I can't remember it all without a reminder. I'm pretty sure that I have her death certificate so I will get back to you on that subject. Our school was the main building which became offices but we also had the buildings on the other side of the road which, judging by their construction, were originally part of the main hospital. If you stood outside the offices across from the main hospital entrance and looked to your right on the hospital side of the road, these buildings ran from the gate right to the end of the road on the corner. (My descriptive powers leave a lot to be desired I know, sorry). The rooms had very high ceilings and were quite old I'm sure. Much older than the one that's now offices across the road. Just looking on the website for Ecclesall Bierlow Workhouses there are quite a few photographs there and some are of the buildings we're talking about. It even shows that the main school used to be a workhouse too. That surprises me as I didn't know it was that old. Pat