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  1. richardb,I didnt say it was swannsI said it was where they started on woodland st, hilldweller,you cant tell me much about swanns my late wife worked there for 30yrs she was export manager and I new mr swann and miss fairweather very well.
  2. Try the Oriental on Langsett rd opened in the late 50s had a bit of a risque reputation!
  3. My mam and dad went to Salmon pastures school inthe20s-30s and I have the finials off the old school ridges.
  4. The car showroom was Europa cars which replaced the old co-op and sold big NSUs as welli.e.Ro80.Howerds dairy was lower down and made excellent lemon curd called Edna May.The shoe shop next to Boots was Turners.
  5. hi andyc I think its woodland st and swann-mortons started in this workshop.
  6. Reuben Hallam wrote the book"Wadsley Jack or the tales of a travelling tinker" it's written in sheffield dialect so it thart not from sheffield then dont bother to reead it dats if da can find it!
  7. Bassetts first started at upperthorpe,they also produced tanks or armoured cars during ww2.
  8. Hi richardb the car was correctly called the bond bug and was made by reliant,the showroom was europa cars owned by walt dungworth who also owned waldot service station on middlewood rd at the bottom of darwin rd their main car sales at that time were nsu and volkswagen also volvo and wartberg.I worked there from 1958 to 1971.A friend of mine worked for doreenswift for many years and only left when she closed.In the sixties I knew a girl who lived over the shop.
  9. I think it changed to grannellis in late 70s.
  10. maybe this chucks a spanner in the works but could it be the old park railway which was near the canal and ran where the parkway is now,a few coal merchants worked out of there.
  11. I have an old sheffield lamp post in my back garden,1903 is its orgin,the best thing is when I aquired it was that it had never been converted to electric it still has the tall section above the crossbar I believe these were removed on conversion. when a neighbour found out that I had it he said that he had the original top which he had removed in the 60s and asked me if I would like it, would I not arhf. Did anyone know all the tops were copper and they painted them green so they would'nt get wieghed in!
  12. Brammall and Ogdens demolished the cooling towers around1976,I worked at a local garage and on the site was a leyland 680 engine which powered the generator to work the lifts,at the time was a union dispute and water kept appearing in the fuel tank so it was me who went to bleed the system to get it going or they could'nt work,the boss asked me if i'like to go up the lift and I said yes I could'nt wait,biiiiig mistake,passing bricks comes to mind,I was clinging to the scaffolding for my life whilst all the fellas were going about their work laughing at my terror but what a view was well worth passing all those bricks!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Hi, bayleaf, this is my first time on here so of we go, the marks on the side of the stones were to signify the person who owned it. These stones started off at a considerable size,could be 5ft in diameter, the owner bought them from the quarry and rented them out to the little mesters,firstly to the sythe maker then to the butchers knife grinder then to the table knife mester and so forth as they wore down they were trimmed and rented down the line, the marks were there to help him keep track and prove they belonged to him. Eventually the stones would finish up as cawkes and were discarded. I live in wickersley where we had 29 quarries and supplied Sheffield and the world with these stones. I have 26 of these stones of various sizes and often sit looking at them and wonder how many families these lumps of stone kept alive ! As for the grooves I believe they were something to do with tool grinding the person to ask is Ken Hawley but you will have to find him in Sheffield 6.