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  1. That's it thanks. Couldn't see for looking!
  2. No, I can start new threads, like this one I did here. - What I mean is, since the site isn't hugely busy (and I've read lots of things that interest me), I find myself logging on every so often now, however, I have to scroll down the whole forum to see any new posts. So, I'm looking at how to just click on new posts, and read those. That will encourage me to look more often. If it's not possible then that is perhaps why the site isn't as busy as it was. (if that makes sense)
  3. Is there a 'new posts' button anywhere?
  4. I liked the film, and another one linked to it in Sheffield at Christmas. Quite hypnotic!
  5. This is what the building was before, on google screen shots... certainly the building front, on the nearest building could have been retained (Green Lane/Dunfields) I'd be stricter with planning permission around there. It's looking good and popular, but that's because of the old buildings done up. Some I agree done well, and no value in old building. I'd don't want to see more of these go though.
  6. I've been uploading my old Sheffield footage again, with slightly better editing this time. I drove around Kelham Island earlier, and linked this to my new postings in here I'm glad I found this old recording from 2005. Although it's not exactly ancient history, I was originally just recording sections of the old ring road, but on way home, had decided to drive around Kelham Island - and glad I did now! It really shows the difference. I remember that the Alfred Beckett building being one of the first to be 'done up'. It reminds me that when I drove around there that it seemed like a risk to buy there, but could pay off (as I seen Manc/Birm old areas revamped), and if the area was done up well it would work. - I was disappointed recently though, that the building on Green Lane (before the old school building - on the right - in the film) didn't at least retain the front. (it's currently in building process - this one)
  7. What a great thread! That's passed on a couple of hours, when I should be working! I found the thread from google images, as trying to see if I could find a shot on Paternoster Row to match the shot I took today. (a right saddo me, I take shots of old lines, when I find them exposed through building work). Saw 2 lots today and yesterday Only taken 9 years to make first post, I just noticed