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  1. This section here, has just been dug out in the last couple of days. see red circle. It's all sat at the side of the road. Wish I had a van!
  2. in the top one of these 3 you can see where they are cutting it up.
  3. The small bit exposed the other day at Exchange/Blonk now more exposed.
  4. I made sure I took enough background in these ones, as placing them, may be more difficult in future (like with Blonk St ones) This should be easy to find old photo for
  5. Had time to look at the pictures now, and it's this bit here exposed this time:
  6. actually, having been there today, I marked this yesterday... I actually think it's the one below and to the right. (hard to tell, can see another the rail the left as I took it (on the right here)) Interesting also to see the old cobblestones. They seemed to have sunk under the weight of the road.
  7. Another part of the junction is exposed. It's the part in red
  8. awww went past Castlegate yesterday and they've cut them all out that would have made a cool feature for new area. Instead it'll me more of those rocks/fancy paving and weeds, like everywhere else. Wanted some of them for garden feature but unfortunately all the pieces were too big for my taxi!
  9. In fact, looking at google maps, it went past too when this was exposed! You can see the tracks on the right, this pinpoints the picture
  10. talking of Paternoster Row/Brown St, there was another slight exposure further along, almost outside spearmint rhino, you can see it got in the way of the new pavement...
  11. If you look at the photo, the now and then, the now, is slightly too far along, you can see with the pointed triangle roof
  12. Ah yes, I have seen that photo. I think that this photo of stuarts is here (see same map as before but red cirlce (you can see the lines converge) My picture was slight further down. I'll try and do another screenshot from google. In the google maps picture, I think the tram in the picture is about where the red circle is, where as my picture is at the green circle, in between the old end of Charles Street and top of grinders hill
  13. I thought the haymarket/commercial street junction looked good (seen loads of photos of that when in construction) Never seen this one though. Have you ever seen any?