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  1. Very useful posts in here! I'm currently trying to name all my old pictures. Do we know the colours of these? I'm after 13 14 and 15
  2. yeah looks ok. I just don't want to spend hours doing a film then it be rejected,. Obviously a direct screen will show it as google, but if I'm get get similar angles, I might have to tamper...
  3. I'm in the process of scanning all my old pictures of Sheffield. The plan it to do a now and then type youtube film, however, I have a lot!! I realised many of them are easy to replicate now using google maps (cheating I know), but possibly the difference of ever getting anything done! If I reference google maps, do you think they allow it?
  4. I screen shot a picture I found of it ages ago. Not sure if ok to post though, as it's a google screenshot
  5. I recognise the brick work and Boys Girls immediately, but can't remember where this was. I remember the 'Manual', which was for 3rd and 4th years to re-enter the building when a break was complete. (whistle blew) Mr Wilson was certainly still alive about 18months to 2 years ago, because I met someone who knew him Miss Carter was there at same time but never taught me, and can't remember what she looked like. Miss Holmes, I think had long black hair, but never taught me. The last 3 all taught me at some time.
  6. also, (though not much help) looking at the lines particularly on the left, you can see that probably some original/old cement work, but perfect straight line which suggests in an area that is modern. - I thought of something else, this line here in the OP: '' Despite Brian's best efforts to tell me where is was situated at the Cathedral and visits from me to look for it, I never found it. '' if you can share this part of his knowledge it might help. @andydb
  7. It would be handy to see what section titles are. edit, if it is farm labour, could the middle one be - 'something' of poultry? I think it's definitely 'of' something, and preceding word is shortened, hence the ' just guesses really
  8. There are a few threads in here I found. Something might be able to link you closer.
  9. Yes the top picture buildings seem to match the yellow, as does the path. Great thread btw, not seen any of these before in books. Always interesting to read people's professions too in this post! 'Horse slaughterer' - what would that be called now? and living next door or so, to a hay and straw dealer.
  10. It looks like from something side so the top one could be from latin side, and the next 2 from Mrs Flaber? side.
  11. This section here, has just been dug out in the last couple of days. see red circle. It's all sat at the side of the road. Wish I had a van!
  12. in the top one of these 3 you can see where they are cutting it up.
  13. The small bit exposed the other day at Exchange/Blonk now more exposed.
  14. I made sure I took enough background in these ones, as placing them, may be more difficult in future (like with Blonk St ones) This should be easy to find old photo for