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  1. I used to go in the Blue Boar in the mid 50's (under age) to listen to the Trad Jazz
  2. You are just out by 4 years. In 1991 at the Mappin Art Gallery March 2 - April 10 'Our Home and Native Land' (Which is the second line in the Canadian National Anthem) From Sheffield the exhibition went to, Canada House in London. The art Gallery of Nova Scotti The art Gallery of Windser ,Ontario The publication at the time of the Exhibition is ISBN 0 86321 139 9
  3. There used to be available a book at the Wetern Park Museum gift shop 'Our Home and Native land" It chronicled the artists who went to Canada from Sheffield. Lismer and Varley are listed in the Arts & Humanities, famous people from Sheffield. They formed part of the Group of Seven,Canada's answer to the French impressionists movement. Auther Lismer was the principal of the Victoria School of Art and Design from 1916-1919 and very instrumental in turning the school into a world class art college. On Lismars instigation Elizabeth Nutt became principal 1919 -1943. in Miss Nutts tenure it became known as the Nova Scotia College of Art. After she retired she returned to Sheffield One of her recruits was Stanley Royle. He began to outshine Miss Nutt so she engineered his termination .Mr Royle returned to Sheffield for a short time but eventually became head of the art department at Mount Allison University in New Brunswick,he created the program that granted degrees in art. So the tentacles of Sheffield people have shaped some of the history of Canadian art
  4. It was I believe on Norfolk St. Strange place I went in a few times in the early 60's ,lousy beer
  5. James Montgomery Could be entered under Arts & Humanities or Political There is a statue beside the Cathedral and Montgomery Hall is name after him
  6. I used to take trumpet lessons from the trumpeter in the Empire pit orchestra. I cannot remember his name but I used to take the bus to Gleadless where he lived ,for my lessons
  7. The Athol used to be one of our regular stops on Sat pub crawl in the early 60's. I seem to remember two entrances one on Charles St on one on Cambridge St (I think) To get to the Cambridge St room from the Charles St entrance you had to go downstairs. There was a regular piano player downstairs ,the piano was a baby grand the pianist was a snuff taker. The understudy for the regular pianist used to have a black lab tied to the piano stool
  8. The Sportsmans Group during the latter half of WW11 was run by a relative of mine . I don't know what the family connection was but I remember going in with my mother before opening time ( a.m ) to visit . I would have been about 5 year old at the time but the smell of stale cigarette smoke and stale beer still evokes the memory of those early visits