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  1. Boycott's probably stll got them.
  2. What was this please?/ Police Boxes

    There was just inside the entrance to Meersbrook Park at the top of Brooklyn Road.
  3. Greetings. 2018

    Happy New Year.
  4. Does anyone know what these are?

    The S&E Co-Op went over from the divi books to it's own stamps in the very late 60s. The filled books could be traded for goods or a lesser cash value. When the local branch finished training the staff to use the machines, us kids got whole reels of blank 'stamps'.
  5. Does anyone recognise this place?

    They made the embankment, and kept it as narrow as possible to keep costs down. It's not a Hornby train set...
  6. Is this the old Pond Street bus station??

    Harmer Lane is still there, where it has always been,running between Pond Street and Sheaf Street,
  7. Greasy Vera's Cafe in Sheffield

    Stupid o'clock on a freezing morning walking home from some gig or other, worse for wear, required the compulsory Cheggyburger stop at Greasy Vera's or the night just wasn't complete.
  8. Where was this long lost pub?

    I used to call in the Lambpool regularly, on my way from the Robin Hood to the Broughton Inn. Several other establishments were also visited en route.
  9. That's a very simple and not at all accurate assessment of the majority of rail accidents. Equipment failure and/or human error account for most.
  10. Sheffield Castle Redevelopment

    That would be a novel concept for this council. First of all, of course, they'd have to undemolish 99% of it.
  11. Shock Horror I am not on Facebook

    I've never been on any of those things, I have no friends and I seek information on things longer gone and much more interesting than Bob's lunch or Betty's cat falling off the roof again.
  12. Favourite view point in the peaks

    Looking out from the top of Mam Tor in the depths of winter.
  13. Is this strange?

    No, never have, never will. Sounds dreadful.