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  1. Boiler rivet hole drillers aren't in great demand these days, neither are blacksmith's strikers.
  2. According to my 1908 R.A.O.B. GLE Directory 856 Sir John Drake, Wellington Hotel, Grimesthorpe Road So they were there for quite a while. The lodge regalia was still in use in the 1990s, albeit on new collars, but I can't remember which lodge had it.
  3. I'm still having problems too, by the looks of things and the complete lack of new posts other people are too. At present the forum is almost unusable. I've been trying to post this reply for three days.
  4. Hopefully. Things seem to be back to normal this morning.
  5. Firefox is giving me least problems, Vivaldi is always problematic, though it is getting better. I won't use the Microsoft browsers unless I'm testing my own stuff this side of the firewall, on my own network. ;)
  6. My cache clears when the browser closes.
  7. I'm still having problems with pages loading sometimes with the CSS doesn't load and others are just blank. I can see that there are replies, but they're not showing up without multiple page reloads.
  8. Go to first/next unread post is just bringing up a blank page. I also had to create a new thread because it won't let me reply on any others.
  9. If I ditched my mobile, nobody would even notice, I only use it to listen to cricket when I'm on the move.
  10. Somewhere around 1970 sounds about right to me.I can still smell Ogley's from here.
  11. Like a vintage version of Cash Convertors. They bought stuff from desperate people for peanuts and then sold them for roasted cashews.