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  1. http://picturesheffield.com/frontend.php?keywords=Ref_No_increment;EQUALS;t02415&pos=2&action=zoom&id=32783
  2. Oldbloke

    SADACCA building on The Wicker in Sheffield

    I think SADACCA was the only one with a bar.
  3. Oldbloke

    Sheffield's Underground Rivers

  4. Oldbloke

    Lady's Bridge and the buildings there

    The main building fronting the Wicker was called the Royal Exchange building, or Royal Exchange Flats. Built sometime around 1900 I think. Castle House was the headquarters of The Fellowship Of The Services for many years. If picturesheffield.com and it's search wasn't so useless these days I could post links to some interesting photos.
  5. There was a lift and stairs leading up to the station.
  6. Oldbloke

    Who has played Sheffield City Hall?

    More like who hasn't. I saw Zep, Sabbath, Hawkwind, Motorhead and so many more I can't remember them all.
  7. Oldbloke

    Sheffield's Underground Rivers

    Excellent. Being very local, I walked some of that myself with friends, when I was a teenager, but we bottled out when it got really low.
  8. Oldbloke

    Old Sheffield Shops...

    As I remember, 50 years ago the tailors was in the same place as it is now.
  9. Oldbloke

    Old Sheffield Shops...

  10. Oldbloke

    Sheffield and the amount of 'stuff' on the pavement

    Try negotiating Fargate as someone who has to use sticks and has trouble walking. If the obstacles don't get you then the "paving" will.
  11. Oldbloke

    Faces of Sheffield

    I only know Knutty and Dave Berry, they're the only ones I could pick out.
  12. I worked in the melting shop at East Hecla in 1980.
  13. Oldbloke

    Jackson antique.

    Abbeydale Road at the junction with Chippinghouse Road.
  14. Oldbloke

    Fine Fare and Fred Hartley at Manor Top

    We were talking about this just the other day. Didn't Fred Hartley's later become Oldfield's Freezer Centre?