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  1. Yes, there are family links. Edward Saville is my father-in-law's grandfather. Working backwards through the various census' and with some birth/marriage certificates, we know that John Saville was at 89 Granville St in 1851 and that his wife subsequently married David Wass - proprietor in 1861. John Saville was born in 1802 in Manchester and married Hannah Guest in 1823 in Manchester, but she had died by 1833, probably in Sheffield, as we know that they had at least one son, Joseph, who was born in in Sheffield in 1832. The Pigot's directory of 1828-29, has a John Saville in the White Horse and, yes, I am only guessing that it is one and the same John Saville. I have no concrete proof ..... yet In the 1891 census, Edward Saville was a "Licensed Victualler" at the Ellesmere Hotel, 1 Diamond St/18 St Helen's Rd, Leigh, Lancashire.
  2. Some trivia. Edward Saville's (1901) father had the Graville Inn (early 1850's) and White Horse (1828-29)
  3. Pigot's 1828-29 directory has a John SAVILLE there
  4. Just a bit of trivia. John SAVILLE was married to Mary Ann (nee STACEY). After John SAVILLE died in July 1854, Mary Ann went on to marry David WASS in 1856. (She was at 89 Granville St - Granville Inn - in both the 1851 and 1861 Census.) If I'm correct, according to Pigot's 1828-29 directory, John SAVILLE had the White Horse on Solly Street, too.