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  1. modern 'journalism' at its finest. Hide behind youtube and stir some s***. It brought the city together, made us very proud to be sheffielders and remembered the lads who paid the ultimate sacrifice. who plants the bedding plants and sweeps up from time to time is of little or no consequence. I dont see what youre trying to achieve by posting it to be honest.
  2. it was indeed, it served sam smiths bitter which always consistent. consistently bloody awful!
  3. I had hair and a waistline when I asked that question paul !!
  4. Never mind the fiesta, that alfa's a beauty
  5. God bless sheffield history......you may have to wait 10 years for a reply but you do get one!!
  6. I've read today in the star that Steve Baxendale the owner of rebels has sadly passed away. Thanks for the memories steve, RIP fella.
  7. Remember this one well. A dark depressing film but kind of sums up the hopeless feeling a lot of us had in the early eighties very well. If i'm not mistaken the line "It is not a good time to be young and hopeful" is from the book. That was written on the bus stop at campo lane for decades...always made me smile when I saw that...
  8. I was there that day. I was 22 at the time and did a lot of growing up that day..I worked on the turnstiles for nearly 15 years until I moved away. my ten penn'th...poor antiquated ground much like villa,everton,wolves,birmingham and many others of that era. Fatal mistakes made by people who should never ever have been in charge that day. Alcohol was a factor on the day and I wish people would not try to rewrite history and claim its not...many many people turned up after 2.30 and many the worse for wear...whilst this was not the main or only cause it was a contributing factor and it saddens me that people won't take their part of the blame. RIP to the 96...there for the grace of god go I and many others who watched football week in and week out in those days...it could have happened anywhere..
  9. Boy oh boy some sad sights there Also, I'm sat here thinking I must have a liver like an old boot from the number of times i've mumbled 'blimey..had a pint in there' and 'there as well' whilst reading this thread.... ;-)
  10. Thats one hell of a pub crawl girls and boys....! lol
  11. Funny that, I thought it was stanley tools as well... :blink:
  12. Zeb

    Derwent Valley

    suberb photo's...thanks for sharing them
  13. So where was michelles then?..that was heading in that direction