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  1. OOps. Just seen that there is a claim that Human Leagues first gig was at Psalter Lane WHAM bar. Well,definately the second was at Nowsoc 2 bar then.....as I say, I have got the flyer for it somewhere.
  2. Yes, me too. I was at their first ever gig....at Nowsociety Bar 2 Sheffield University. May have got one or two photos of that still around....think I have got the advert/flyer for it somewhere. Also, apparently, Phil Oakey and Susanne Sulley came to our Bonfire up Shirecliffe in 1977 or 1978....but they werent famous yet of course!! I was often at Nowsoc Bar 2...NOT a student meself, but into local bands....saw most of them in late 1970s/early 1980s...including 3 or 4 Human League formations, Cabs,Clocks,TMBRs and many, many, many Stunt Kites gigs.....we were all school pals together at or from Firth Park School. I quite enjoyed Stunt Kites. Must admit, when Heaven 17 formed - I thought they were better than the "famous" version of Human League.
  3. Yes. Thats it. Sheffield Shops and Shopping....from the 1970s period I think. The other book looks surprisingly similar in appearance.! The book I am referring to, has only just been released, I think about 3 or 4 weeks ago....it has something to do with that Neil Anderson guy....who wrote the book about Sheffield Limit Club too. Thanks for your welcomes. Have just been looking on the Old Firth Park School (Brushes) website and there are some interesting photos there too.....although that is not City Centre, of course.
  4. Just wonder if ANYONE has seen that new book about Sheffield Shops and places from the 1970s? It is full of pictures/photos and has JUST come out about two or three weeks ago. Some excellent memorabilia and photos in there...Pauldens, Redgates, etc, etc. Dont remember what it is called...but has a bright yellow cover, is paperback and about a tenner I think. Bookshops, waterstones, whsmith, etc SHOULD definately have it in. Sheffield was different then...better, I think.
  5. Dear whoever. I have only just read these postings. Interesting...but, so many Sheffield groups/combos, still missing from your lists. Please add. Exit...School chums group....played 3 or 4 gigs, circa 1976-77 They Must be Russians....from 1977-82 approx....played loads of gigs at Sheffield University Now soc and Poly/Marples, etc...different combinations of Russians were Martin, Tony, Russ, Carl, Paul and Brendan....made a good ep...including Nellie the Elephant!...and, I think, two other singles too. Siren. ....Mostly all - girl group...punk-type from end of 1980 to approx 1982. Played live at Broadfield, West St, pubs and KGB ex-picturre house on Abbeydale Rd, Sheff. Consisted of Deb, Pat, Sue, Mandy, Alice and sarah, I think. Neil, eventually replaced Mandy on drums. Have you got 2.3? and also....De Tian....punk/rock and avant garde type bands from Sheffield 1976 - approx 1982/83. Thanks...interesting topic and posts Smiley Steve....formerly Mushroom.
  6. Have been looking for Ian Squires....known to his mates in the late 1970s and early 1980s as "Tiny" Tiny was a regular at Top Rank, Limit, Daisy and town pubs. A big Stranglers and Clash fan....we were mates and drinking pals in Sheffield back in those good old days. Where are you now Tiny? Steve (Mashy) Mushroom would like to re-connect my friend. (Rocka Debs brother). Anyone with knowledge and info of Ian...please post here and let us know. Thanks.
  7. Martin. Hello. Dont suppose you will pick this up since your posting was Jan 2008!...but I am browsing looking for "Tiny" Ian Squires..from the punk days...particularly Stranglers/Clash of late 1970s and early 1980s. YES, I have loads of Top Rank/punk memories. Tiny,meself, Mick D, Fred, Mark from the kitchens, Squeaky al, etc...about 8 or 10 of us were taken on as "humpers" for all the Top Rank Gigs around that time. We brought in the bands amps, equipment and set up/took down stage, etc. We would usually get band freebies and an entry pass for the gig too. I did many of the punk bands, Clash, Damned, Siouxsie supported by Altered Images, Ramones, Sham 69, Undertones, SLF, and groups like Devo, The Police, etc,etc. Great days...great times and laughs/good friends. I lost touch with most of them after about the mid 1980s. Does ANYONE know, Tiny? If so, please ask him to get in touch, via the forum...with Steve...known then as Mashy or Mushroom. (Rocka Debs...brother).