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  1. Hiya, Sorry not to have got back to you before but this is the first time that it has alerted me to the fact that someone has replied!!!!! (Should get emails from here without having to come to the site but for some reason they have not been coming through.) I would dearly love to have contact with you to find out any information that you may have that would be relevant to the tree. I have also had some information from someone called Tina who is niece to John Henry Porter Jnr (b:1945) but she could not give me much information about her Uncle. The reason I am doing this is for my youngest son for his family tree as he is in foster care. He was going to be adopted by the family he is living will but the adoption has now been taken "off the table". Any information you could give me would be much appreciated and if you would be willing to meet with me in a cafe etc that would be great. My email address is babybluejojo@yahoo.co.uk if you would like to contact me more directly. I can also tell you how my son is related to your family too. Thanks Josie
  2. Maybe we could have a "sticky" that is just useful web links? Could a moderator consider this as a topic thread?
  3. Babybluejojo, posted this recently, and suggested this topic, so challenge has been set, what sites do you use, tell us and help others Here is a site I have just come across that might interest people. At the moment it is free membership and free to search but will be reverting to an unlimited searches for £1 a year!!!! It is user led - you input the details of your ancestors from your birth/marriage/death certificates so then others can find it. You can also search for the ones inputted by other people. There is also an area where you can offer certificates bought in error for sale on there too! So if you have some certificates that don't belong to your tree - why not advertise on there. So far I have not had any success finding any information for my ancestors on there but as the site grows you never know what you might find. (I get the impression that it has not been running that long so hence why not many results when you are searching at the moment). The website is as follows http://bmdshare.com/ Happy hunting or inputting everyone!
  4. Its just in 1928 he is listed as a Labourer at the age of 49 and in 1964 he is listed as a miner! Would they have taken him on in his 50's to do mining? It surprises me if they do.
  5. Now I am a little confused regarding Groom Father info on the Porter/Battersby Marriage cert. I now have the Porter/Hadley cert and the info goes as follows:- When Married: August 1928 Groom Name: John Porter Groom Age: 49 Condition: Widower Groom Profession: Labourer Groom Address: Beresford Rd Groom's Father Name: George Porter Groom's Father Profession: Labourer Bride Name: Evelyn Hadley Bride Age: 22 Condition: Spinster Bride Profession: N/A Bride Address: Beresford Rd (But listed a few doors down) Bride Father Name: William Hadley (dec) Bride Father Profession: Iron Moulder What has confused me is that if in 1964 he was listed as a Miner and on this cert he is listed as a labourer! This would make him being a Miner at 89! Ok so mining may have been his last occupation and that is why it is listed on the 1964 cert but I would have thought it would have said Retired on it? Any ideas anyone?
  6. Hiya Lyn That is understandable. I suffer with Agoraphobia when my depression is bad and I find it hard to get out and about when I am like that. I also suffer with joint problems too so this makes it difficult me getting about too. People were pointing out various sites to go to (with and without subscriptions but had noticed that no one had mentioned about getting some information through the local library. I just wanted to point out that IF you are able you can go to other places and access ancestry for free. If subscription is the better option for your circumstances then that is fine. I browse quite happily at home for my family history where I can for free on my pc and what I can't find I then go to the library and look up on ancestry without having a subscription. I am not in a position to pay for a subscription and have to rely on the things that I can access for free and I am sure that there are many people in the same position. I was not having a go at anyone and I apologise if my previous post came across this way - it was not my intention. I was just trying to add to the information that is listed here. Hugs Jo
  7. At the library they are subscribed to ancestry.com not ancestry.co.uk. When I first started out on this journey I was told that to access the free library subscription I had to put in ancestrylibrary.com to access it otherwise it wouldn't work. There is an option to search by British things first instead of American ones. Also bear in mind that you don't know where your research will take you. There is a possibility in one line of my family that they emigrated to Australia and another to America so by them subscribing to .com instead of .co.uk it leaves options like this open. If you want to meet up with me sometime for me to help you with this then I am happy to do so - and anyone else. Good Luck. Jo
  8. I have just hunted out the marriage cert between John Henry Porter Jnr and Elaine Battersby (my son's paternal Grandparents) hoping it helps the details are as follows (Edited) :- When Married: Jan 1964 at Sheffield Groom Name: John Henry Porter Groom Age: 18 Groom Profession: Brickmaker Groom Address: Farquhar Road, Maltby Groom's Father Name: John Henry Porter Groom's Father Profession: Miner Bride Name: Elaine Margaret Battersby Bride Age: 16 Bride Profession: Stainless Steel Buffer Bride Address: Rainbow Grove, Hackenthorpe Bride Father Name: Cyril Battersby Bride Father Profession: Fettler Don't know if this helps anyone who can help me. Will post John Henry Porter and Evelyn Hadley marriage cert info when I get it. Jo
  9. Hiya I have not yet managed to get the cert but it is one of the first ones that I am going to get along with my grandad's original cert (he was adopted in the late 1920's but have managed to find his original birth entry). If this is the correct person you are looking at then he married late around the age of 36 as he married (if my research is correct) in July Quarter 1928 to Evelyn Hadley who would have been about 21 at the time. He is listed on his son's marriage cert as Miner, assuming at Maltby mine. I have not been able to find any information as yet of anything to do with water/canal. But when I get the cert I will post it on here so you can see if this is relavant or not. Thanks Jo
  10. Hiya Everyone Has everyone forgotten that Ancestry.com is searchable for free at your local library/local Studies/Sheffield Archives?????? I regularly go to my library's and local studies centres to use Ancestry. You need to type in www.ancestrylibrary.com to get onto it for free. Just to verify it is ONLY FREE AT THE LIBRARYS/LOCAL STUDIES/Sheffield Archives! You can not get it for free at home! (Just in case you wondered!!) I have had some success with ancestry but regularly use FreeBMD and FreeCen (who I transcribe for) and FreeReg to find information. I DO NOT subscribe to any but have used Pay-as-You-Go credits on both Find My Past and 1911 Census. I agree that you should cross check what information you find. At the moment I am waiting till I have enough money to get certain certificates to verify the information that I require to ensure that I am following the right lines. Like another person on here I am not in contact with any of my family so can not get any information that way. I am helping other people find their ancestors (see my other posts) and do not mind helping anyone else that I can. Sorry just thought I would put in my 2 pennyworth in as it seemed that everyone had forgotten about the local libraries that need all the support that they can get in this economic climate!!! Hugs Jo
  11. I have passed the info onto my friend. Thank you Richard
  12. Hi Hugh Thank you for your reply. I already have the cert for Battersby and Porter marriage and that is where the info I listed above was taken from. Farquar St is a street in Maltby Rotherham. As I said in my previous post I traced them thro the years at this address but then they moved. Don't know where. I as of yet have not got the Cert for marriage of Porter/Hadley, this was next on my adgenda when I had the money. I have so many certificates to get but no money to get them at the mo. I just hope that I can achieve this before the adoption goes through. I am not sure of Albert being in the family. I have not found that yet. Thougth there was Albert an Uncle but not Grandfather. Though I may be wrong. I will have to research this further. Thank you so much for what you have already done and any futher info that any one can give me.
  13. When I first came to Sheffield in 1993 I moved into a Maisonette on Pye Bank Road - no longer there now, was demolished about 4yrs ago now. This was classed as Woodside by the council. I then moved to Fox Street - which again came under the name Woodside - also demolished now. My children used to go to Christchurch and what lovely pics you have on here of it (inc the post card version). I was wondering if the owners of the pics would mind sending me a copy (a lil bigger in size if that is possible) via email please as I would love to give my children a lil memento of some happy times they spent there. My email address is XXXXXXXXXX They were also baptised there in 1997 by Rev Jan Hardy. Thanking you in advance ========================================= Please PM babybluejojo for Email address Steve
  14. Hiya I am helping someone with their family tree who have these Tuckwoods in them (or so I found out last night)! The person I am helping are part of the Wild side of the family - past the 3 generations of Leonard Wild's - one of which was thier father. I have found Ellen Tuckwood listed on IGI (1881 census) as Ellin - which threw me off a bit while tracing them. The listing is as follows:- Joseph Tuckwood Head M Male 40 Willougby Nottingham General Labourer Ellin Tuckwood Wife M Female 33 Sheffield Mary A Tuckwood Dau Female 15 Sheffield William Tuckwood Son Male 13 Sheffield Scholar John Tuckwood Son Male 11 Sheffield Scholar Eliza Tuckwood Dau Female 11 Sheffield Scholar Ellin Tuckwood Dau Female 4 Sheffield Joseph Tuckwood Son Male 2 Sheffield Dwelling 59 Alfred Rd, Brightside Bierlow, York, England Family History Library Film 1342128 Piece/Folio 4664/40 Page 21 I will copy this info that you have put on here and pass it onto the friend. Any further help that I can be with this please dont hesitate to ask.
  15. HIya Not sure if this is the right place to write this but thought I would give it a try (and I apologise now if this is wrong of me), just hoping someone can help me. I am trying to trace my youngest son's paternal side of family (Porter's). I have got back as far as follows (starting with nearest) going back as far as I have - I hope there is someone out there that can fill in the blanks for me :D Dean Lindsay Porter (b: May 1965) His mum and dad are Elaine Margaret Battersby (b: May 1947/m: Jan 1964) John Henry Porter (b: 1946) (Wedding cert gives address as Farquar St as address that John was living at when he got married to Elaine, which I have traced the family back by going thro the electoral rolls to find other siblings etc. Wedding cert also lists his dad as John Henry Porter and on the electoral rolls there are certain years where both JH Porter Snr and Jnr are living there) John Henry Porter Jnr's mum and dad are John Henry Porter (m: 1928) - no birth or death details have been found yet Evelyn Hadley (b: 1907) - I have found death details from looking in the electoral rolls but don't have this information to hand at the moment. John and Evelyn also had the following children Gerald Porter (b: 1929) Marion Porter (b:1930) Jeffrey Porter (b: 1931) Mavis Porter (b: 1932) Jean Porter (b: 1933) Bernard Porter (b: 1934) Shirley Porter (b: 1936) Joyce Porter (b: 1937) Leila Porter (b: 1939) Marlene Porter (b: 1940) Ann Porter (b: 1943) and then John Henry Porter Jnr I am doing this research for my youngest son who is getting adopted next year and I want it for his Life Story book so he knows who his biological family are. I would appreciate any help anyone can give me tracing this back or contact from anyone who is related to any of the people mentioned above who would be willing to help me. Thanking you in advance.
  16. People quite often lied about their ages for the census - that is what my Family History tutor said when I was on her course last term. There are multiple reasons why people have done it and sometimes there is no reason at all. I personally would take the correct age from the Death Cert myself but the choice is yours...... lol
  17. Hiya I haven't checked how old your post is but have come across it via a google search. I am helping a friend trace her great grandfather. She has no details of him except a marriage certificate - the details which are as follows:- Marriage Date 4 April 1904 Between George Wood Age 21 5 Watkin Lane John Wood Annie Elizabeth Brammer Age 19 5 Watkin Lane Edmund Brammer (poss Edward not Edmund) I have researched and found Annie Elizabeth Brammer at Penistone Rd on the 1901 census but so far can find no further definate detail of George Wood's family. I was wondering if you had any other details of this side of the family in your research - if so we would appreciate any info you can give me to pass onto my friend. Thanking you in advance. Jo