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  1. Pie and Peas without relish just isn't right and I really like a few shakes on a bacon and egg sandwich .I remember people buying the large containers in bulk years ago when the rumour about them closing down was doing the rounds
  2. My Granddad told me they were that poor he only got a new hat for Whit Sunday and just looked at the parade through the front room window
  3. I think they called it a Wigan Kebab they have two types a pie on a bread cake or three pies on a stick
  4. We once phoned asking what time do you close The answer what time can you get here
  5. The best Meat and Potato pie I have ever tasted
  6. Tater and Onions on a Wednesday it was just Potato and Onions with oxo gravy simmered .I am sure it was because it was the day before payday and it was the only thing left in the pantry
  7. We have had water come up through the floor near the front door the council tried to say our dog was peeing on the floor
  8. Totally agree about Woodhouse being terrible when it snows, born and bred down the Mill I thought that was bad enough I now live on the Sevenside/Hardcastle estate and vehicles can't even get off the estate when it snows
  9. The worst two Winters I can remember were Mike and Bernie
  10. It was the 23 that ran to Woodhouse Station then changed to the 32,The 52 ran through the Badger estate then up Beaver Hill Rd then through Handsworth /Darnall /Staniforth Rd left at the bottom of Staniforth Rd towards the Wicker then through town up to Crookes
  11. About 12-45 on Saturday morning, a Mineral Train was leaving the East Junction, when an Emigrant Special from Liverpool to Grimsby, containing about 300 passengers, travelling at nearly 30 miles an hour, dashed into its rear.The terrible impact caused the immediate death of Goods Guard Rowley.Fireman Clark was pinned beneath the Engine, and it was two hours before he was released: he succumbed to his injuries the following day.Walter Howell, Driver of the first engine, was very badly injured and scalded.Driver Borland and Fireman Jarred both of Liverpool, escaped without injuries, although their engine was almost overturned. Link:
  12. Used to go up the stairs you can see behind the bus to a cafe/takeaway and get a soup and crusty bread cake for 10p
  13. I was born on Harbury St in Wuddus Mill and for the first years of my life I thought the world smelt like dead animals,Bone yard and two tripe factories on Soap House Lane