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  1. Hi all, I run a website dedicated to tramway company uniforms, buttons and badges of the British Isles, and am currently trying to put together a page for Rotherham Corporation Tramways. I try to tell the uniform story of tramway men and women over the years, and usually do this through photos, a good example of a finished page being Sheffield Corporation Tramways, which some folks on this forum kindly helped me with. http://tramwaybadgesandbuttons.com/page148/page152/page157/page157.html I would love to do the same for Rotherham, but am struggling to find any photos of staff. Does anyone have photo of: - Tramway conductors and motormen (drivers) from any era, but especially later years as I haven't been able to find a single one. - Tramway inspectors, again, I have drawn a blank here. - Tramway conductresses - I know they were definitely employed on the Great War and Second World War, but so far no luck in finding a photo. Any help with this would be very much appreciated. Cheers, Ashley
  2. Hi all I've totally revamped my Sheffield Corporation Tramways uniform/staff page. Please feel free to take a look and advise of any errors/omissions. Also, if anyone has any decent photos that would improve the page, please do let me know. http://www.tramwaybadgesandbuttons.com/page148/page152/page157/page157.html Ashley (High Peak)
  3. Sorry, I probably didn't make my question clear. What I'm trying to ascertain, is whether the second badge was ever worn by tramway staff, or if they always wore the first badge. The first badge is pretty rare so I'm guessing that they were all replaced in the 30s or 40s and that everyone wore the second badge, whether tram or bus. However, that's me guessing rather than real evidence :rolleyes:
  4. Hello all I'm trying to ascertain whether the standard Sheffield Corporation Tramways cap badge illustrated below was replaced during the later years of the tramway with the second badge illustrated, or whether Tramway Motormen and Conductors continued to wear the 'tramway' cap badge until the demise of the tramway system. Can anyone help with recollections or even photographs? Ashley
  5. I've just realised that I've probably posted it in the wrong place - I'll try to repost in the Transport area! Thanks for the compliment - always appreciated, and good to know that others do see it as easy to use and uncluttered, which was most definitely my intention! Cheers, Ashley
  6. Hi all My first posting - so here goes! I run a website dedicated to British Tramway company uniform badges and buttons Click here!. Currently I'm trying hard to get a better understanding of the uniforms, cap badges and buttons worn by employees of Sheffield Corporation Tramways (and the early lessee company). I have photos of a few badges, as well as two distinct types of button, but would dearly like to add a full description of the uniforms. Right now I have many unanswered questions such as: - What uniforms and badges, if any, were worn when the system was worked by the Sheffield Tramways Company? - When was the blue enamel shield-shaped cap badge worn Click here!? - What grades wore brass and what grades wore nickel buttons? - Were the early buttons on my website really worn by tramways staff Click here!? - What badges did higher grades such as Inspectors and Regulators wear? If anyone has an information, particularly photos of staff members that they'd be willing to let me use on the website, I'd very much appreciate hearing from them. Cheers, Ashley