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  1. Bailey's was called the Cavendish first then became Bailey's in the early 70's. In 1978 the Stage Manager was Derek. Derek left when they started the conversion. I started to go to Bailey's in 1973. I met Derek then. He was the Assistant Stage Manager at the time with Andy as the Stage Manager. When Andy left Derek was made Stage Manager. Derek & I held our engagement party in Bailey's in July 1973. We married in 1975. So naturally I have some very happy memories of Bailey's. So yes Bailey's definately came first then Romeos.
  2. Before it was Bailey's on Bank Street it was Cavendish
  3. .I This is the first time I have replied to comments on the Fiesta. Hope I'm doing it right. The guy who sang the theme tune for the BBC soap Neighbours was Tony Hatch with his wife Jackie Trent. They wrote it. Tony also was one of the Judges on New Faces. The acts that were on New Faces and booked for the Fiesta also went on Bailey's circuit. Most of the caberets that were at the Fiesta did the Bailey's circuit. The Nolans were a brillliant act at Bailey's but I'm surprised they didn't get to play the Fiesta. The one act that I wanted to see at the Fiesta was Dave Allen. My boyfriend was asked to work his night off so he couldn't take me. My boyfriend ,Derek was the Assistant Stage Manager of Bailey's and later became the Stage Manager so he used to get us in the Fiesta free. Brill. There were a few times he was called over to the Fiesta to do their caberet. I married Derek. Happy times.
  4. All through the 70's the Club was called Bailey's. The Manager was Malcolm, Stage Manager Andy, Assistant Manager Derek, he bacame Stage Manager when Andy left, Compare was Mel. There was a mixture of Cabaret's. Thanks to Derek I got quite a lot of autographs, including Dave Berry, The Brotherhood of Man, Bob Monkhouse, Hank Marvin & John Farrar, Grumbleweeds and quite a lot of others. I worked there myself from about June 73. It was a terrific club. I started going there from about March 73 with a couple of friends. Tuesday was Crazy Night. Lots of happy memories. I still have a couple of photos of the Cabaret Room.