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  1. Hi everyone, I'm relatively new to this site but must say how much I love it. I grew up on Lowedges in Sheffield but left some twenty odd years ago to travel the world with my ex squaddie husband. So many memories have been brought back to me since registering and I look forward to getting to know other members and sharing more memories. Best wishes to everyone and thanks for a great site.
  2. Me and my mate went to the Daizy every week! Stripey tights, capped sleeved t shirts, pencil skirt and platform shoes! Heaven knows how we managed to get up and down the stairs in them or dance but we bopped away to Ferry and Bowie!
  3. I remember Samantha's very well, it was the first club I went to. I remember we always had to leave early to catch the half one bus home, though sometimes would use the bus fare to get another drink and then walk home. Stuart, Irish and Kelly were DJ's there and I went out wih Stuart's best mate Keith. I remember seeing Love Affair and Bay City Rollers at Samanthas's! Stuart and I worked together some years later at Five Ways, Owler Bar. He was one crazy guy but an excellent DJ!!
  4. I started working at the Fiesta in 1976 as a waitress and worked there for a year or two then moved on to Baileys. The Fiesta waitresses uniforms changed to red halter neck catsuits. The manager then was a guy called Terry Pickering and the resident band was the Andy Wardough band. Amongst the people that appeared there were, Roger de Courcey, Sacha Distel, Jonny Ray, The Barron Knights, Martin St James and Alvin Stardust! Oh and remember well Jim Davidson appearing there straigh after winning New Faces.
  5. Hi everyone I'm new to this site and may I say loving it as it brings back so many memories of living in Sheffield. Fanny's nightclub at Owler Bar was originally called Five Ways motel and night club. I know as I worked there when it was Five Ways and then when it changed to Fanny's. I was there up until 1987. The owners also had a club in Nether Edge called Turn Ups at which I also worked and that was originally Nether Edge Hall. Not sure what year it closed down and I believe is now flats.