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  1. A not so much of an update for those interested in this site, it looks exactly the same as the photo's posted in 2009 further up this page, albeit with metal shutters on the windows of the derelict Edwardian building instead of wood. The Edwadian building is listed as many will know, and has recently had its roof made water tight. The university has new plans to build a huge lecture theatre on the site of the demolished part of the site. Edit: I was born there in 1979.
  2. I think that would be wishful thinking! I don't think Sainsbury's have plans to incorporate any Travellers stone!!.
  3. Apologies if this is already common knowledge, but The Crown on Walkley Bank is currently being turned into residential accomodation.
  4. I noticed that the Hallamshire on Lydgate Lane has been knocked down.
  5. On the subject of Renault dealers on Abbeydale Road South, was'nt there one one the site of what is now the Tesco petrol station at Millhouses? Does anyone remember when cars were last sold at the premises on Crookes/Northfield Rd?, I have a vague memory of them selling Ferraris in the latter years (maybe because the shutters are still painted in the colours of the italian flag).
  6. Hi all, I actually registered on this site in 2009, when I came to post today I thought it was only 3 or 4 months since I had done so. How time flies. I have lived in Sheffield for all of my 32 years and am very proud of my home city, particularly its history, infrastructure and development (old and new). I started life in Woodhouse, but have since made it as far as Crookes, calling home Greenhill, Ecclesall and Ranmoor along the way. I promise I wont ask too many questions!
  7. I worked for a firm that used part of the basement as storage in 2004/5. It was a mass of interconnected rooms that were full of redundant old stuff. I remember a couple of mannequins that were positioned as such to scare the wits out of you every time you came out of the lift. There were rooms full of old computer equipment and bits of what I thought were old shop fittings. I also remember a room that had a few old industrial washing machines. There was much, much more that I saw but I have no idea what it all was. My lasting memory of the basement was a space in which a travel agent was based that was accessed from ground level on one of the side roads, the thing I remember most about it was that the back wall of the space was glass so you could see all the redundant rubbish behind!!
  8. R.E. post 23 by Bayleaf, thanks for the information, you have answered something that I have always wondered with regards to the Peak roads!!. where exactly was the garage in the photo please?. I fear I may be spending a lot more time on this forum .