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  1. The bottom one looks very much like the newer branch on Stanniforth Road Darnall.
  2. i have not been able to get back on site it wouldn't accept my user name or password. Finally it has accepted me perhaps others are having the same trouble. I also have had a message on Facebook from somebody who is having trouble registering it won't accept her answer to the simple security question so there again it seems like there is a problem.
  3. Rose Hill was just off Jenkin Road between the railway line and Meadow hall Road Brightside.
  4. I can remember going downstairs in The old blue bell then out of a back door and going to the Dove and Rainbow Perhaps the toilets were down in the basement ?
  5. Green arrow it was next to Dolcis. The red arrow was Stylo's bargain basement I bought loads of shoes as well as going to The blue bell every weekend.
  6. I bet you couldn't buy 4oz either. What about the Colley estate Parson Cross I believe that was built post war ? Does it mention the war? Does it tell you where the air raid shelters are? ..... No I can't think what one question you are looking for though it must be staring you in the face.
  7. Well that's why I wondered about the blitz and missing streets and houses. I can't imagine it being printed during the war either. Does it mention ration books or anything. I can remember when I used to have little coupons to get my sweets. In my book it advertises Dixons mint cubelets 6d for 4oz now that wouldn't be in a 1940s book.
  8. I would think post war as pre war there were around 552 ,000 -566,000 depending on which site you look on. Baby boom started in 1948 so there would be more again. Does it say anything about buildings that were in the blitz like the Marples?
  9. No not got The City Hall in it. I have found for Greg house road and crescent it says in course of construction corporation Siregreen estate. Has yours got Richmond hill road in it ? that's where mum and dad bought their house built new in 1935 but it's not in this copy. No price on this one but the first 39 and obviously the last 39 pages are missing mine starts at Arnside road 665 Abbeydale road.
  10. I will have a go at scanning it when I get the time . Vox I think you are right about it being 1931 as the add about the S&E dividend is for the half year ending 1930. It has quite a few pages missing but is still very interesting as I am sure Richard B will agree with his copy.
  11. I've just found it out I know my Mum said that they got it when they moved into their house and that was in 1935. I can't find a date on it but on an add for Sheffield and Ecclesall co-op it does say Dividend for half year ending January 1930 1/8 in the £. It also says on another page J.Fern begs to inform his friends that he has taken the Robin Hood Hotel Duke street Park. I don't know if that will help with a date. I think it must have been given out by the Electricity Co. as on each page at the top and bottom there is an add for electric ie Electric cooking is clean and economical .... Use electric light it is always handy.
  12. I've got one of these somewhere it belonged to my Mum and Dad and I think it was from 1935 . It's a bit tatty with the front and back cover missing but the adverts are great I will have to dig it out.
  13. I have met him as he used to live near me he still drinks in the pubs at Handsworth when he comes home. He doesn't like to be treated like a celebrity he still likes to be one of the lads. He has a biography out I don't know if you have read that but very informative . His Mum and Dad are very nice people and so down to earth.
  14. Signed but there are nowhere near enough signatures yet I have also posted on FB .