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  1. 3 pages; so where was the Gaol in 1841


    Barnake Andron 45 (great name !)

    Charles Appliyard 25

    Barnet Arnold 55

    James Bagshaw 60

    John Ball 30

    Mary Bamforth 15

    George Barker 40

    Henery Bellamy 30

    James Bishop 40

    Thomas Boulding 50

    Peter Bownes 45

    James Bradshaw 55

    Charles Bragg 35

    Thomas Brighton 25

    George Broadhurst 30

    George Broomhead 30

    John Burkinshaw 60

    William Calvery 55

    George Carlisle 45

    George Carr 50

    John Clarke 30

    Francis Clay 30

    Luke Cocking 40

    Charles Cooper 25

    George Cooper 20

    William Cooper 45

    John Copley 45

    Thomas Cousins 35

    John Crossland 30

    Benjamin Darwin 50

    William Darwin 25

    Thomas Davison 55

    John Dyson 20

    John Elliott 45

    John Fell 30

    James Fletcher 20

    Thomas Ford 45

    George Foster 20

    Benjamin Frain 60

    George Furniss 50

    William Glover 50

    William Gray 45

    John Green 45

    Jonathan Green 45

    George Groutage 50

    Thomas Hattersley 50

    John Hobbie 50

    John Hobson 35

    William Hudson 70

    Richard Keeling 40

    Joseph Kercham 45

    John Law

    William Lonsdale 30

    William Marples 65

    Jarvis Mason 50

    William Mason 45

    Michael McDonald 60

    James Middleton 25

    John Milner 35

    Joseph Mitchell 35

    William Mitchell 25

    Samuel Mittel 35

    Robert Moorhouse 30

    George Needham 20

    John Newbould 20

    James Oates 40

    John Packard 45

    William Parker 40

    John Pearson 30

    John Pearson 40

    James Ratcliff 50

    John Richmond 30

    John Robson 35

    John Rodgson 40

    George Rowbotham 35

    George Settle 35

    Michael Sharman 30

    William Shaw 50

    George Sheldon 30

    George Smith 25

    Mary Smitter 25

    William Lionel Smitter 25

    John Stack 25

    John Stater 35

    John Stenton 35

    John Sturtcliffe 30

    John Syre 50

    John Taylor 35

    Samuel Taylor 35

    George Tomlinson 40

    William Turner 35

    Henry Wale 50

    John Walker 55

    James Watson 55

    Henry Whitehead 40

    Thomas Wilcox 35

    Joseph Wilson 35

    George Yates 25


    The Sheffield Gaol in the 1841 Census is transcribed as a Debtors Gaol, located on Scotland Street.



  2. Hi southside ;-)

    The clue is to the left hand side, just to the left and slightly above the name Henry WRAGG, where it is written "End of Bradfield Ecclesiatrical District". The comments in the last column look like they are nothing to do with recording a disability, but say "Eccles' District of Stannington". The word Ecclesiatrical having been abreviated.

    Kind regards


    Thanks Leipzig

  3. Hi Southside

    Have you looked at this - are your relatives mentioned here? Sorry if you've already seen it! The maps attached to each claim may be of interest.


    Thanks for your reply Dunsbyowl,

    Yes my ancester did make a claim,but as with most of the claims at DamFlask, it appears most claimed for personal property but not for loss or damage to buildings, this made me think a compulsory purchase order was all ready in place at the time ready for the construction of the Dam.

  4. Thank`s to you all for your maps & imput to my enquiry about DamFlask.

    A bit more help required.

    Most accounts point to the destruction of DamFlask after the flood, but the 1871 census return shows that six of the properties

    were still lived in after the flood.

    Were these properties part of a compulsory purchas order, if so do any records exist?

    The image is page one of the DamFlask Census for 1871 RG10/4659/38 can anyone decipher the enumerators comments in the righthand column.



  5. the village was on the far side of the reservoir, just below loxley road. their was just a few houses, a pub, shop, wire mills etc

    it was located near the dam wall, stretching back towards bradfield. the village was never rebuilt after the sheffield flood


    Thanks for that Mick. My ancesters lived in the village before and after the time of the flood.



  6. Can any one help with some information please?

    Are there any Staff records for Tram Drivers working in Sheffield between 1900 & 1920.

    I am looking for any info on a Francis Frederick Stephens who moved from Bristol to Sheffield to work as a tram driver at the turn of the century.

  7. Where was the Blue Moon? I remember walking on Nursery Street and turning into a side Street and going into a pub near to the Blue Moon club. We went to see Wayne Fontana and the Mindbenders,it was some time in the early sixties.