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  1. I have to agree with RLongden about the well being located on Fraser Crescent!!

    The map shows the stream winding its way down the hillside, the photo of the young man about to cross over the stream shows how steep the terrain is, crossing over the bridge here and turning right would lead down to the less steep location of the well .

    The photograph of the two girls also shows the steep terrain above the well, at a guess i would say the photo`s were all staged(early 1900), by this time the well would be out of general use and most of the property`s in the vicinity, ie the cottages on the Dale would have a water supply.

    Bridge Location.jpg

    Wild Well Bridge.jpg

    Willd Well 1900S.jpg

  2. Thanks for your input Guys,I found this little snippet about William Law on the River Sheaf website.  http://www.riversheaf.org/sheafrwp/?page_id=564

    In 1814 William Law was in partnership with Joseph and Samuel Ward at the Pond Tilt,this ties in with your info on William Law.

    This Fairbanks map of Greenhill in 1805 shows the two properties in the ownership of William Law, both still homes to this day,as are most of the properties shown on the map.

    No32 is the White Hart Pub, No22 is the White Swan.



    Fairbanks Greenhill.jpg

  3.  I`m trying to find out if William Law,Silver Plater,had a business in Sheffield?

     Making a guess that William Law,being a Silver Plater and the owner of properties in Bradway and Greenhill would be in Business,most probably in Sheffield?

    Any info about William Law or his business would be most appreciated.



    William Law.jpg

  4. Andrews Toledo shown in the Dave H photo was part of the Darwin Group of Companies..

    The Firm i worked for had a building maintenance contract for all the Darwin Group. I started the first weeks of my apprenticeship in 1961 working at the Sheffield Forge and Rolling Mills on Millsands.

    I also worked at the bar straightening mill they had on Alma Street,it was located just before the Alma pub (Black Cat) and backed onto Kelham Island

    Andrews Toledo was a fascinating place to work for a 15 year old apprentice. The area close to the Electric Arc Furnace was a scary place to be especially when the furnace was being charged up with electricity,lots of flashes and explosions, and to see the men working in the mill catching the glowing metal rod as it came out of the rollers and then twist it over their head and back through the rollers was a sight to behold,these guys certainly earned their pay.


  5. Thanks for the correct terminology Lemmy!   As youngsters we played in the paddling pool in Millhouses Park and any time a Train came rattling by and the engine had " smoke deflectors " a cry of its got Winni`s went up.

    Pity they haven`t restored The Scotsman to its original Doncaster Works Construction,with out smoke deflectors and with Apple Green livery.


  6. Just had a look at some photos taken in 2005 of The Flying Scotsman on its visit to Scarborough and notice there are no windshields fitted! but the new restoration of the The Flying Scotsman shown on TV last night, now has them fitted.

    Was the Flying Scotsman originally built with Windshields?


  7. Thanks Guys

    Just had a look at the 1841 Census transcription for Bradfield,the transcription is Ratton Row followed by Turner Lane and Croft House.

    Syrup, don`t think  the Mathew Furniss on the Ecclesfield Census is the same one as on  the 1841Census for Bradfield.

    Just to confuse things a bit more he is wrong`ly transcribed as Ruben Furness on the Bradfield transcription.



    Ratten Row.jpg

  8. This Photograph looking over towards Wicker Arches was taken from the big wheel when it was on Fargate in 2009.

    Top left in front of the white building there appears to be a set of Arches, can any one enlighten me to what they are? also the Arches near the bottom of Spital Hill.


    Wicker Arches.jpg

  9. I`m after information about settlement if any one can help.

    If a man left the village of his birth and moved to another village where he gained settlement,married(1776) and had children, would the mans children after his death be entitled to settlement back in the man`s birth village.

    thanks Southside

  10. Thanks for the input Guys

    Didn`t know Thomas had two shops SteveHB, He died at Brightholmlee in 1899, he is buried at St Nicholas Bradfield.

    Thomas Cadmans step father was George Swindin Inspector to the Sheffield Water Works,so there could be some connection to Robert Perkins, wheels within wheels comes to mind, but by this time George Swindin had been dead a couple of years.


  11. I`m going over to Bradfield next week to take some photo`s of dwellings where my Ancestors once lived,can any one help me with the location of a couple.

    1:  5xGrandfather Thomas Wilson (b Dore1775) gained his settlement in Bradfield working at PECK HALL FARM.

    2:  3xGreatUncle  Thomas Cadman had a Grocers shop somewhere in Bradfield in 1871 (see image).

    any info would be most appreciated

    Thanks Southside



    Thomas Cadman 1871.jpg

  12. Good call steveHB, its the first time i have seen this old photo of Greenhill Hall.

    There is a sketch of just about the same scene minus the pump,trough,and cows in the book Chantrey Land by Harold Armitage c1910.

    When a youngster along with my mates we explored(played) in the farm yard when know one was around, though don`t remember the pump being there.

    By the late1950s the Hall was used by Sheffield Corporation to house tenants, probably the last family to be housed was the Clarksons and their young son Austin.

    The Hall was pulled down some time in the mid 60s, the outbuildings turned into a maintenance depot for the PWD.