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  1. Thanks for the input Guys

    Didn`t know Thomas had two shops SteveHB, He died at Brightholmlee in 1899, he is buried at St Nicholas Bradfield.

    Thomas Cadmans step father was George Swindin Inspector to the Sheffield Water Works,so there could be some connection to Robert Perkins, wheels within wheels comes to mind, but by this time George Swindin had been dead a couple of years.


  2. I`m going over to Bradfield next week to take some photo`s of dwellings where my Ancestors once lived,can any one help me with the location of a couple.

    1:  5xGrandfather Thomas Wilson (b Dore1775) gained his settlement in Bradfield working at PECK HALL FARM.

    2:  3xGreatUncle  Thomas Cadman had a Grocers shop somewhere in Bradfield in 1871 (see image).

    any info would be most appreciated

    Thanks Southside



    Thomas Cadman 1871.jpg

  3. Good call steveHB, its the first time i have seen this old photo of Greenhill Hall.

    There is a sketch of just about the same scene minus the pump,trough,and cows in the book Chantrey Land by Harold Armitage c1910.

    When a youngster along with my mates we explored(played) in the farm yard when know one was around, though don`t remember the pump being there.

    By the late1950s the Hall was used by Sheffield Corporation to house tenants, probably the last family to be housed was the Clarksons and their young son Austin.

    The Hall was pulled down some time in the mid 60s, the outbuildings turned into a maintenance depot for the PWD.


  4. Can any one help please with a Census Lookup for Dore in 1841.

    I did a search on the Bradfield Archive Site and found a record for poor relief made by my 5x Grandmother in 1824.

    She says that she went to live in Dore with her son John Wilson(b1782) possible wife Mary.

    A search on the 1841 Census for John would be most appreciated.

    Regards Southside.

  5. Morning Guys

    I need a bit of help with the transcription of some of the contents listed on my 7xGrandfathers 1745 Probate Inventory.

    I have highlighted the ones i am having difficulties with! Any help will be most appreciated.




  6. A couple of newspaper reports from the Sheffield & Rotherham Independant one relating to Fair House and one from 1845 about a Guy trying to get a pint out of George Swindin.

    Where is/was the Grouse Inn located in Bradfield and also Radford Street in Sheffield.


  7. Thanks for the Archive link Edmund

    There is another dwelling in Bradfield connected to Ann Swindin if anyone can help with its location.

    In 1851 Ann Swindins first husband Joseph Cadman was living in Bradfield along with one of their sons at a dwelling called Cowell House.

    Ann was with the rest of the family back in Sheffield.


  8. Thanks Edmund & Steve

    I`m descended from Ann Swindins first husband Joseph Cadman so no ties with George Swindin/Swindon sorry to say.

    I don`t know how Swindin became Swindon or vice versa, as on their marriage cert its down as Swindin.

    In 1871 it appears that Fair House is being used to house Excavator`s possibly working for the Sheffield Water Works.

    1871 Census image of other Fair House in Low Bradfield and also Dale Dyke Office.