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  1. Some before and after photos of the City Hall site.

    The three old photographs taken around the Barker`s Pool area are from picture Sheffield, the present day photograph is from Google Earth.

    Quoting from Wikipedia about City Hall " it was originally proposed in 1916 as a Memorial Hall to commemorate the dead of the Great War"  

    The construction of City Hall wasn`t completed until 1932!

    I wonder what happened to the horse trough standing by the side of the iron man?

    City Hall.jpg

    City Hall 1.jpg

    City Hall 2.jpg

    City Hall 3.jpg

    City Hall 4.jpg

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  2. 20 hours ago, RSArchitect said:

    Hi all,

    Just wondering if anyone know anything about the history of this building? I am using it for my final year architecture project and would greatly appreciate if anyone knows anything about its previous usage? It seems to have been empty for a while and I can't find any info online.

    Thank you all!


    Seem to remember reading that this building once housed The Highfield Coffee House, owned by i think Sir Frederick Mappin in the late 1800s

  3. Not a recipe as such Thornton's girl.   The mother of one of our family friends would regularly cook cows udder, this would be sliced and used as a sandwich filling, not much flavor to it though! i would cover mine in brown sauce,  mum always gave me one of those disapproving looks (early 50s).






  4. On 2/8/2018 at 11:17, ukelele lady said:

    Hi Tina, I think you may be getting your gas and electric a bit mixed up. This building has always been what we knew as the gas building where we used to go with our mothers to pay the bills. Later in life I remember going when it was a Chinese restaurant [ Gambit?] also I went to a wedding here when it had changed to a nightclub. I'm sure someone will recall the name of it.  To us oldies it's still the gas house.

    Hi ukelele lady,  there was a Chinese restaurant a little further up Commercial Street If my memory serves me well, it was located either under the Yorkshire Bank or just below, seem to remember going down some step's to get in!

  5. 19 hours ago, madannie77 said:

    A great idea for a topic, Tina.

    I think the history of the demolition of so many buildings is much neglected, possibly because of the negativity often associated with the act of destruction. However we choose to look at what happened in the 1960s, 70s and 80s the demolitions played an important role in shaping the city of Sheffield as it is today, so it is good that the subject has been aired.

    Hopefully there will be plenty of contributions. 

    The demolition of a Sheffield Factory in 1994?


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  6. On 1/15/2018 at 21:29, boginspro said:

    Thanks for that picture  southside   , I have never seen it like that. It looks very quiet even if it is Sunday, from the angle of the sun I think the photo' was taken close to mid-day.

    One thing that dismays me when I see modern pictures of Sheffield is that most of my favourite pubs have gone, in this case the Albert.

    Spot on boginspro, The photograph was taken one Sunday in August 2009 from the Big Wheel located on Fargate (hence the reflection) along with this shot of the Town Hall.

    Town Hall.jpg

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  7. On ‎10‎/‎01‎/‎2018 at 22:25, boginspro said:

    The most noticeable thing to me in the first picture is that the glass and concrete building that replaced the Cinema House looks out of place and spoils the view.

    The same view in 2009 looking up Barkers Pool towards Division Street

    Barkers Pool.jpg

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  8. 53 minutes ago, boginspro said:

    Thank you, I have wondered about that roof line, it seems to be one of the few clues, I will have to look in to that possibility.

    Not long before this I delivered milk round Hackenthorpe and new the area like the back of my hand so would be surprised not to remember the caravans if they were in Hackenthorpe.

    The only other possibility I have thought of is the derelict spa baths at the top of Sally Clark's hill, I think on Spa Lane, but I have little memory or information on that location and no pictures at all.

    Is there any information here on Chris Hobbs web site?


  9. 17 hours ago, Sheffield History said:

    Pond Street Bus Station Sheffield.jpg

    Great photo of Pond Street Bus Station in Sheffield City Centre way back in 1947

    Recognise this scene?

    The long  building with the windows just below Pond Street Brewery (the building with the chimney) is the Howard Hotel before it was refurbished in its mock Tudor style.


    Howard Hotel.jpg

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  10. 17 hours ago, andy1702 said:

    Sheffield council dererves all the flack it gets, plus some more besides! It's all very well listing a building (or anything else for that matter) but as soon as somebody from the university comes along with a brown envelope full of money listing doesn't seem to matter any more.

    Evidence 1. Hessops Hospital (knocked down)

    Evidence 2. Sewer gas destructor lamps (systematically vandalised by Amey (on behalf of the council) as part of their Streets Behind programme!

    It's time the Labour council was demolished and consigned to the anals of history!

    Ask yourself andy 1702 !   how many listed buildings will be demolished to make way for HS2