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  1. Not exactly ground plans!

    Have a look on this Britain from Above photograph taken of Broomhall in the 1920s

    If you sign in to the site you can view the photograph at a much higher definition!


  2. Hi Tozzin

    I came across this information on Sheffield Records Online!

    General Cemetery:  William Wigfall, Pea Croft, died 4th June 1864 age 70, description filecutter.

    Same grave:  Ann Wigfall widow 11 Hoyle Street age 61 buried: 18th March 1879.

    Betsey Wigfall daughter of William Wigfall filecutter, Pear Street age 8 buried: 28th Sep 1863

  3. On 18/01/2020 at 16:34, Saul40 said:

    Does anyone know if there was a nursing home on Daisy Bank in 1860 and has anyone got any information about it?



    Hi Lois

    I've had a look on the 1861 census!  A couple of the dwellings on Daisy Bank have a nurse living within the household, but there doesn't appear to be a Nursing Home. The General Infirmary was located in the area!

  4. On 13/01/2020 at 15:40, Edmund said:

    There is a tradition in Sheffield of "building houses out of their cellars".  Perhaps the Abbey was built from stone extracted from their fish pond - see 1850 map below - was the pond to the east of their site the source? The "Historic England" website states that the fishponds were created by damming for the monks by William de Grenlyf who died in 1411 but maybe he enlarged an existing pond?




    There appears to be no depth to the pond Edmund and no indication that any quarrying has taken place.

    This Photograph from Bing Maps is taken from the same direction as your 1850s map, interestingly the old map shows only one pond.


    Beauchief Abbey.jpg

  5. Thanks for the input guy's! I guess it's one of the questions we'll not get an answer to, although saying that! The land where the Abbey is built was the grant of an Estate by Robert Fitz- Ranulph in 1176 and there are several quarry's contained within to choose from. (suitability that's another question)


  6. Our regular Boxing day walk down Beauchief Drive takes us past the Abbey! My wife happend to mention that some of the stone from the Abbey was used in the construction of Beauchief Hall.

    But where did the stone come from to build the Abbey? was/is there a quarry close by? the same goes for Sheffield Cathedral and St Nicholas Church at Bradfield also Norton Church. Anyone know of any quarries the stone may have come from that was used in the construction of these fine building's.

    Thanks southside


  7. Another job that's disappeared!!

    I got a telling off from my mum for giving Grandad's breakfast (bread and jam left under a plate before she went to work) to the road sweeper's horse.

    The road sweeper that kept our estate tidy, we called him Mr Cartmuck!  he came to Greenhill from Dronfield once a week to sweep the gutters, he walked behind his horse and cart sweeping as it moved forward, the horse stopping at his command so he could shovel the muck into the cart.

  8. i came across this piece about some flooding at Heeley in 1922 on Times Digital Archive!

    I remember going to the Heeley Coloseum  with my mates a couple of years before it closed, to see the film Tarzan the Ape Man. You can make out the Cinema on the Picture Sheffield photograph, its the building with the white frontage rising above its surroundings.  

    Heeley Flood 1922.jpg

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  9. On 17/09/2019 at 07:05, Calvin72 said:

    I think you are in the same place boginspro. I've never seen reference to a Bramall Lane Bridge so I'm back to Square One! Either way it's old, nice, hidden, and I'd love to find out more :)

    According to the tiny bit of information given in Grace`s guide to British Industrial History, the Vulcan Works in 1797 was in the ownership of Ebenezer Berdikin, Anvil Maker.

    So i guess it was foundry of some description?      


    A couple of maps of the area in 1853 showing the location of Bramall Lane Bridge and a couple of the other bridges over the Porter in 1853.


    Also a Picture Sheffield Photograph of the Porter Brook in 1956, you can just about make out the name Yorkshire on the wall of the building in the background, anyone any idea where we are looking towards?


    Porter Brook.jpg

    Porter Brook 2.jpg

    Porter Brook 3.jpg


  10. On 25/07/2019 at 16:09, sovrappeso said:

    I remember those shops quite well. Starting at the bottom of the row were: The Co-op, Oldham's sweet shop, Watson's Bakery, Swallow's newsagents & toys, Stevenson's fishmongers, Dalton's ?

    chemists, Middleton's chip shop, and Wright's beer-off on the corner. I may have missed a couple out & the order might be slightly wrong, but it's over 60 years since I lived in the area. Come to think of it, there was Cheetham's greengrocers on the corner of Norton Lees Rd & Cockayne Place, Cotterells greengrocers on the corner of Cockayne Place & Cliffe Field Rd , with Cutts' grocers on the opposite corner. There were 2 other corner shops a bit further on Cliffe Field Rd & a mid-terrace shop as well.


    sovrappeso  :  The shops on Derbyshire Lane from the 1957 Kellys Street Directory

    Derbyshire Lane.jpg

  11. 22 hours ago, Meersbrook said:

    Cutts grocers got took over by Barry Webster, who played for Rotherham United. Then at bottom of Pearson was Mrs Brown's a grocers. at bottom of welby was Marys. at Norton Lees Rd/Cliffield Rd was I think Richardson another grocers. I was told that the house at the junction of Cliffe Field and Crawford was a chip shop but long before my time. At top of Welby was a grocers. opposite that was the bakery which was next door to kitty cat Florie, she had loads of cats as pets. on other side to bakery was a hardware shop. Another grocers shop was on Norton Lees Rd just round corner from Pearson. 

    Opposite to beer-off nearly was Azellwood's garage/Baptist Ch that fell down after heavy snow 2014

    Meersbrook Baptist Ch -Azellwood Garage, Derbyshire Ln (2).JPG

    I remember the corner property previously (Aizlewoods) was in the ownership of a scrap dealer called Sanderson in the early 70s.

    I believe Fred Wright took over the running of the off licence from his father!

  12. In the late 60s my soon to be wife lived a couple of houses up from Wright's off licence on the corner of Norton Lee's Rd, remember calling in on many an occasion for the wife's aunt!  usually with an empty sherry bottle for a refill from the small casks of sherry kept on the countertop. Mrs Wright (Sheila) would ask do you want cream or cooking sherry? needless to say we were under orders to get the cheapest. (don't think the wife's aunt used it all for cooking though)

    Also remember a workshop type building with big green doors a little way up Norton Lee's Rd on the right hand side, where a guy kept his traction engine, you'd hear it chugging up and down the hill on the odd occasions he took it out for a spin.

  13. 23 hours ago, Heartshome said:

    Hi SteveHB, there is another now unused trough, noticed it this weekend. It is facing the 'top end' of Longline, on Sheep Hill Road, just after the bottom of the drive to the farm. It appears to have been rivited metal.

    Hi Heartshome  I've had a look at the trough on Google Earth! it looks like an old galvanized water storage tank albeit a big one, big cisterns like this were installed in some of the bigger houses around Sheffield, these big tanks were used in the steel works for quenching tanks and by farmer's for horse and cattle troughs.

    The biggest cistern I came across during my plumbing career was located in the roof tower of Endcliffe Hall, it was a huge construction made from slabs of slate held together by metal connecting rods.

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  14. On 04/01/2008 at 17:48, ceegee said:

    I have just finished reading Pierrepoint - A Family of Executioners by Steve Fielding - it's been that type of New Year


    At the begining of Chapter 7 the aptly named "Hangman's Holiday" he refers to Albert (Pierrepoint) being back in North London (Pentonville) to carry out the double hanging of two German POW's ARNIM KUELNE & EMIL SCHMITTENDORF. It appears that a month or so before the war ended inmates at a German POW camp on the outskirts of Sheffield were enraged when a tunnel which was near to completion was discovered. They had spent many months tunnelling. Suspecting an informer they rounded on a GERHARDT RETTIG who had been seen talking to guards near the tunnel entrance. Furthermore in a camp that had a large National Socialist contingent, he was not a Nazi. Once threats were made, it was decided by the Camp command to move him to another camp but before this could be enacted he was kicked to death by an angry mob. Four ringleaders were tried, two were acquitted but ARNIM KUELNE & EMIL SCHMITTENDORF were hung on November 16th 1945.


    Steve Fielding asserts that GERHARDT RETTIG was not an informer by the way


    I wonder if anyone has got any additional information on the incident and the aftermath.

    Some interest in the Camp Is being reported in the Guardian!


  15. My first visit to the City Hall was a trip with School to see the Halle Orchestra and thanks to dunsbyowl1867 i can date it to 1956, first pop concert was Cliff Richard and the Drifters.

    Went to nearly all the City Hall pop concerts with my mate's in the late 50s early Sixties, saw all the big names of the day!

    One act i remember seeing that's not on the list is Marianne Faithfull?