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  1. Some interest in the Camp Is being reported in the Guardian! https://amp.theguardian.com/world/2019/jul/04/biggest-second-world-war-prisoner-camp-unearthed-in-yorkshire-lodge-moor
  2. Forge Dam Now! Its silted up a bit since me & Mrs southside used to take the kids to the playground and cafe in the 70s (don`t remember there being an island?)
  3. My first visit to the City Hall was a trip with School to see the Halle Orchestra and thanks to dunsbyowl1867 i can date it to 1956, first pop concert was Cliff Richard and the Drifters. Went to nearly all the City Hall pop concerts with my mate's in the late 50s early Sixties, saw all the big names of the day! One act i remember seeing that's not on the list is Marianne Faithfull?
  4. The trough was located on the corner where Brookhouse Hill becomes Whiteley Lane, Fulwood.
  5. Brookhouse Hill trough location then and now (Google Earth)
  6. This is a possible location of the photograph History Dude! You can see the marked location of a spring on the map of the Gleadless Road area in 1854 (the Meersbrook appears to be the boundary line). On the second map from 1905 the spring is marked up as a well located at the end of Littlewood Lane. A rough idea as to where the spring/well was located can be seen on the modern day Bing photograph.
  7. Steps down to Monks well and trough on Beauchief Drive! reputedly used by the Monks of Beauchief Abbey. There is also a trough on the road to the left of the Smithy Garage in Low Bradfield!
  8. Thank`s boginspro i couldn`t for the life of me remember what was there before the Wickes store was built. The buildings in the background of the photograph are probably what`s left of Green Street (now Wickes car park
  9. These Photographs taken in 1946 of the old gaol on Bishop Street/Thomas Street show some construction work going on in the background! Anyone any idea what was under construction?
  10. I agree with you boginspro the photograph was taken from the lane coming down from Pedigree Woods! Looking over to the left the lane climbs up the hill past Holmhurst Farm(circled) and onward to meet up with Holmhurst Road. Camping Lane winds over to the right,climbing up the hill on its way to Abbey Lane.
  11. Thanks for the link SteveHB! Police Station address in 1881 No 4 Burgoyne Rd
  12. Anyone know when the Police Station was built? The address for the Police Station on the 1901 census is Burgoyne Rd, the address on the 1891 census is Langsett Rd, can't find it on the 1881 census!
  13. Pevsner Architectural Guide says the Eye-Witness Works built in 1852 was originally a two story building, construction work started c1875 extending the building and adding a third floor. It could simply be that Henry Baver/Beever was working on the construction site and with a bit of spare time on his hands decided to leave his mark on the building! Henry Ibbertson Beever was born at Slack Fields, Oughtibridge the son of Thomas & Harriet Beever, he was christened at St Nicholas Church Bradfield on the 4th of May 1843. His wife Priscilla Beever(nee Smith) died in 1930 aged 83.
  14. Wasn't there a sports shop on Bramall Lane? Seem to remember a couple of mates buying the latest Patrick football boots at a shop somewhere on Bramall Lane in the late 60s.
  15. The Polytechnic was called the College of Technology when i started my City & Guilds course there in 1961. My leap into the world of an apprentice plumber was an introduction course at the old Salmon Pastures School on Attercliffe Road (the school was in use as a training center for the Building Trade). From the age of 15 to 18 you attended 2 evening and 1 day release class, from 18 to 20 you did 3 evening classes. At the age of 18 you became an improver and trusted to carry out small jobs independent from your Master Plumber mentor and became too valuable to the Firm for you to attend day release classes. You had a pay increase every year on your birthday up to the age of 21 when you were then payed the full union rate (on qualification) some Firms payed above the union rate! A couple of fellow apprentices worked for Firm`s that required you to sign indentures binding you to that company for several years after serving your apprenticeship. The plumbing, heating and gas workshops at the Tech in Pond Street were all located on the lower tier of the original building.