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  1. Hi all Fairbanks map of Greenhill Village in 1805 Regards Southside Greenhill Viilage 1805.pdf
  2. Thank you for your replies A bit more help required please with the location of two more Lots from The Shore Estate Sale. Woolley Vale Works & Trout House Heeley The Location of The Brick Kiln and The Ouarry on Meadowhead are shown on this OS image from around 1840,also Photograph of Cobner Wood Quarry as is today. Thanks Southside
  3. A bit of help req! In the May 21st 1850 edition of the Derbyshire Mercury there is a notice advertising the Sale of the Estate of Samuel Shaw of Norton Hall. One of the Many Lots up for Sale is The Lay Rectory of Norton with the Chancel of Norton Parish Church, or such part as belonged to the said Samuel Shaw, thereof and a rent charge of £14 per Annum upon lands in the Parish of Norton in lieu of Rectorial Tythes. Just out of interest can any one explain how this arrangement worked, ie did the Shaws own the Chancel? Also any info on the following Lots in the Sale. A Brick yard with Dwelling House and Brick Kilns thereon at Meadowhead A well frequented Public House at Norton Woodseats A Mansion House called Low Fields House half a mile from Sheffield with Gardens, Pleasure gardens,Vineries,Hot Houses, Stables and Out Buildings. About 13 Acres of Coal in the Township of Coal Aston. Thanks Southside
  4. Can any one help me with the construction date of the houses on Countess Road which is located just behind St Marys on Bramhall Lane. ( not the new ones). Thanks Southside
  5. I think it was some time in 1965 when we went along to the Mojo to see The Pretty Things. The Doorman refused us entry as a couple of my mates "had longish hair" (a bit ironic considering the length of vocalist Phil Mays hair), the Doorman explaned, The Mojo has a ban on long hair to keep out a bad eliment. We pointed the mates with" longish hair" in the direction of the pub just down Barnsley Road, the rest of us had a fab time at The Mojo!! dancing along to Tommy Tuckers High-Heel Sneakers comes to mind. Oh to be 19 again Southside
  6. Barrel Inn Dam Flask Add 1822 John Green (Baines Directory page 466) 1841 Jonathon Ibbotson ( census) 1851 Jonathon Ibbotson ( census) Mary Ibbotson the wife of Johnathon Ibbotson was the informant on my 4x Grandmothers death certificate in 1847 Southside
  7. Hi Any one know the approximate location of Cupola Toll Bar and Wooden Pole Toll Bar on the Greenhill Moor to Hathersage Turnpike? Southside
  8. Excelent site for North Derbyshire roots ( Bakewell Area) http://winster-ancestry.blogspot.com/2009/05/in-beginning.html
  9. Well worth a look http://www.bradfieldarchives.co.uk/
  10. Does anyone have any idea of the location of Brick Gardens on Meadowhead (1871 Census) ? Southside
  11. Hi The Sheffield Gaol in the 1841 Census is transcribed as a Debtors Gaol, located on Scotland Street. Regards Southside
  12. Thanks for your reply Dunsbyowl, Yes my ancester did make a claim,but as with most of the claims at DamFlask, it appears most claimed for personal property but not for loss or damage to buildings, this made me think a compulsory purchase order was all ready in place at the time ready for the construction of the Dam.
  13. Thank`s to you all for your maps & imput to my enquiry about DamFlask. A bit more help required. Most accounts point to the destruction of DamFlask after the flood, but the 1871 census return shows that six of the properties were still lived in after the flood. Were these properties part of a compulsory purchas order, if so do any records exist? The image is page one of the DamFlask Census for 1871 RG10/4659/38 can anyone decipher the enumerators comments in the righthand column. Regards Southside
  14. That would be most appreciated Gramps. Regards Southside
  15. Thanks for that Mick. My ancesters lived in the village before and after the time of the flood. Regards Southside
  16. Hi All Some help required as to the location of the Hamlet of Damflask before the construction of the Reservoir if using the Yacht Club boathouse as a reference point. Regards Southside
  17. Can any one help with some information please? Are there any Staff records for Tram Drivers working in Sheffield between 1900 & 1920. I am looking for any info on a Francis Frederick Stephens who moved from Bristol to Sheffield to work as a tram driver at the turn of the century.
  18. Where was the Blue Moon? I remember walking on Nursery Street and turning into a side Street and going into a pub near to the Blue Moon club. We went to see Wayne Fontana and the Mindbenders,it was some time in the early sixties.