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  1. Talk in the pub the other night somehow came around to greyhounds, one of the guys spoke about going to a stadium closer to town than Owlerton but couldn't remember where it was located. Can anyone shed any light on this place for me. Thanks Southside,
  2. Just had a word with an old workmate, he seems to think it was called the Derby? located near to the the corner of Lansdown Road and Boston Street? Yes the Vine was on Cemetery Road just above Summerfield Street, also remember going for a pint in The Washington on the corner of Cemetery Road and Washington Road I guess that would be around 1963/64.
  3. Are you thinking of the Star of Brunswick, I didn't go in for a pint but remember passing the pub on my way home from work.
  4. Just out of interest can anyone tell me anything about this house in Eckington? I just happened to see it from the car as we passed through the village the other day The fancy stonework above the windows caught my eye and I just wondered who the house was built for?
  5. Chippy Dixon in Greenhill sold the best fish & chips around our way as far as we were concerned, chips and a threepenny fish, all for a tanner. As kids we would chant this little ditty just to annoy him. Chippy Dixon sells fish three halfpence a dish "don't buy it" "don't buy it" it stinks when you fry it.
  6. Seeing the cement factory brought a smile to my face! I was installing a heating system at a farm on the hillside over looking Castleton some time in the late 60s. The farmer was having a running battle with Peak Planning about the sighting of his caravan, Peak Planning wanted it storing out of sight so it couldn't be seen from the Villiage. The farmer replied using a few choice words!! when you take down that chimney I'll shift my caravan.
  7. Thanks for the link boginspro. remember it now! I was working on Cemetery Road at the time, I used to walk up the Moor on my dinner break.
  8. Bought my first posh suit ( hand stitched lapels) on the Moor in 1968, got it from Isadore Newman's. Can't remember exactly where the shop was though, seem to think it was a prefab type building located at the bottom end of the Moor.
  9. This article appeared in the 1884 Sheffield & Rotherham Independent. It trace`s the route taken by yourself along Cambridge Street or as it was in earlier times Coal Pit Lane.
  10. Some before and after photos of the City Hall site. The three old photographs taken around the Barker`s Pool area are from picture Sheffield, the present day photograph is from Google Earth. Quoting from Wikipedia about City Hall " it was originally proposed in 1916 as a Memorial Hall to commemorate the dead of the Great War" The construction of City Hall wasn`t completed until 1932! I wonder what happened to the horse trough standing by the side of the iron man?
  11. There`s quite a few landmarks to pick out in this 1920s Ariel View from Picture Sheffield! looking towards Lady`s Bridge.
  12. Here's another excellent Patrick Dickinson YouTube video. This time he's exploring the Meersbrook culvert.
  13. I wonder if it was the same 3 guys that cut down the railings in front of our house
  14. Just a little way down Dixon Lane. Up in the window of the building opposite the gas lamp, there appears to be a notice of demolition!
  15. The first major coinage of tokens was that which occurred in the 17th century. http://www.britishfarthings.com/Tokens/Tokens.html
  16. Thanks for the Blanco and bull link madannie77 As for the roof colour! I guess the Architect wanted to put his own stamp on the building.
  17. One building to survive the bulldozer was Joseph Pickerings factory on the corner of Young Street and Moore Street (just out of the photograph). Anyone know the history of the building?
  18. Seem to remember reading that this building once housed The Highfield Coffee House, owned by i think Sir Frederick Mappin in the late 1800s
  19. Not a recipe as such Thornton's girl. The mother of one of our family friends would regularly cook cows udder, this would be sliced and used as a sandwich filling, not much flavor to it though! i would cover mine in brown sauce, mum always gave me one of those disapproving looks (early 50s). I
  20. Hi ukelele lady, there was a Chinese restaurant a little further up Commercial Street If my memory serves me well, it was located either under the Yorkshire Bank or just below, seem to remember going down some step's to get in!
  21. I came across this article in the 1892 Sheffield & Rotherham Independent about votes for Women! Can anyone tell me when the Suffrage movement started in Sheffield?
  22. The demolition of a Sheffield Factory in 1994?
  23. You can make out the building in this photograph of Fargate from 2009. There was also a burger bar/cafe in the same row of shops in the mid sixties, called there with my mates after the Esquire turned out, seem to remember it was one of the very few places open after midnight.
  24. Spot on boginspro, The photograph was taken one Sunday in August 2009 from the Big Wheel located on Fargate (hence the reflection) along with this shot of the Town Hall.
  25. The same view in 2009 looking up Barkers Pool towards Division Street