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  1. Seem to remember reading that this building once housed The Highfield Coffee House, owned by i think Sir Frederick Mappin in the late 1800s
  2. Not a recipe as such Thornton's girl. The mother of one of our family friends would regularly cook cows udder, this would be sliced and used as a sandwich filling, not much flavor to it though! i would cover mine in brown sauce, mum always gave me one of those disapproving looks (early 50s). I
  3. Hi ukelele lady, there was a Chinese restaurant a little further up Commercial Street If my memory serves me well, it was located either under the Yorkshire Bank or just below, seem to remember going down some step's to get in!
  4. I came across this article in the 1892 Sheffield & Rotherham Independent about votes for Women! Can anyone tell me when the Suffrage movement started in Sheffield?
  5. The demolition of a Sheffield Factory in 1994?
  6. You can make out the building in this photograph of Fargate from 2009. There was also a burger bar/cafe in the same row of shops in the mid sixties, called there with my mates after the Esquire turned out, seem to remember it was one of the very few places open after midnight.
  7. Spot on boginspro, The photograph was taken one Sunday in August 2009 from the Big Wheel located on Fargate (hence the reflection) along with this shot of the Town Hall.
  8. The same view in 2009 looking up Barkers Pool towards Division Street
  9. Wasn't it Pickups Dandelion and Burdock? Don't think it was a Sheffield Company!
  10. Bowlers potted meat makers of Hemper Lane, Bradway : Davys the baker's of Paternoster Row, didn't they also have a cafe somewhere in town?
  11. Milk tokens are still on the go. We buy ours from a newsagents on Woodseats supplied to them by a dairy in Hillsborough.
  12. I bet a lot of the landmarks in this photograph hold some fond memories! Can anyone tell me why the open spaces we`re left undeveloped?
  13. Is there any information here on Chris Hobbs web site? https://www.chrishobbs.com/sheffield/birleyspahistory.htm
  14. The long building with the windows just below Pond Street Brewery (the building with the chimney) is the Howard Hotel before it was refurbished in its mock Tudor style.
  15. Ask yourself andy 1702 ! how many listed buildings will be demolished to make way for HS2
  16. Wasn't it English Heritage who placed the Grade ll listing on Park Hill ? The piece in this Historic England article about the building specification of the flats may spark some memories for former residents! https://historicengland.org.uk/listing/the-list/list-entry/1246881
  17. Seeing the Grand Hotel in the photograph brings back memories. The plumbing firm where I worked as a apprentice won the contract in 1964 to refurbish 17 of the Hotel bathrooms. Some of the rooms in that end block had windows overlooking the City Hall stage door, standing by the door was a crowd of girls with autograph books in hand waiting for their favourite pop group to appear after rehearsals. Some of the girls looked up towards the Grand Hotel, saw two lads looking out of an open window and gave out an almighty scream, needless to say two apprentices milked the situation for all it was worth with a few deft waves of the hand. That same year I attended a night school course in plumbing theory at The Central Tec just opposite the Hotel on Orchard Lane. The row of shops in the photograph would have been demolished to make way for the construction of the City Hall.
  18. This aerial photograph gives a rough idea where the shot could have been taken from!
  19. Lots of familiar landmarks/buildings to pick out in this 1857 William Ibbitt painting of Norfolk Park. Anyone have any idea what`s going on in the foreground?
  20. One of my favorite Sheffield Panoramas! Norton Hammer/Forge with its dam in the foreground, Abbeydale Road and Abbeydale House with it`s smoking chimney on the opposite side of the dam, The Ecclesall Union Workhouse with its gables over to the right.
  21. Any one know the year the stature of Ebenezer Elliott was removed?
  22. Didn`t go to Maximillions! Wife two kids and a mortgage put an end to the night club scene for me. Did go to Shades though! Max Omars club located under the old Greystones Cinema on Ecclesall Road. Remember trying my first goat curry there, washed down with a pint of lager, and later on in the evening, Max inviting The Equals(Eddie Grant) to the stage with one of the big build up introductions he gave to all the Groups appearing there. Great Times.
  23. You had to be quick off the mark between group sets to get a pint in The Norfolk Arms if a big name act was appearing at the Esquire. We always went the other way along Leadmill Road to either The Rodley Inn or the Truro Tavern on the other corner of Leadmill Road. Both these pubs if my memory serves me, were licenced for beer only. We went in the Truro that often we were treated like locals. When the Landlord gave up the tenancy he invited us all down to his new venture at The Shakespeare . can`t exactly remember where it was though? We got some strange looks! 6 youth`s dressed in all the latest mod gear, standing at the bar and being given a pint on the house (64/65)
  24. I came across this old photograph of Snowite Laundry Where is the finger pointing? Is the building in the background part of The Snowite Laundry?