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  1. Graves Park was our playground in the 50s, we played games of hide and seek in and around and some times under the bandstand of the outdoor theater located in the old quarry. Remember standing in a queue by the boathouse waiting our turn to have a go on the rowing boats listening out for the park keeper calling the boats in when time was up, also remember walking behind the banner of Greenhill Methodists through the park to join in with all the other local Churches for the annual Whit Sing, then afterwards back to Greenhill Hall for a garden party. On Sunday afternoons in the early 60s we would sit in a group on the grass slope just before you get to the the rose gardens, along with lots of other groups of teenagers, all huddled around transistor radio`s listening to the top twenty records of the week. You can still play a game of bowl`s and have a round of golf on the pitch and putt, the tennis courts have just had a make over, the football and cricket pitches are still in use but sadly not the rowing boats! there`s a children's play area and the animal center is worth a visit and you can still feed the ducks on the ponds, there`s also a secret garden if you can find it, and the Rose garden Cafe is still there, but the rose garden itself could do with a bit work.
  2. southside

    The Yorkshire Grey Pub

    This 1972 Picture Sheffield photograph of the Minerva Tavern/Yorkshire Grey(bottom right) and the area behind the pub show the vast changes that have taken place when compared to the modern day Google Earth photograph.
  3. If someone said they we're going down to West Street! they were either signing on or going on a pub crawl(did both) The Wesleyan Chapel(1804) on the corner of Carver Street and West Street was of late used by the Lutheran Church before becoming the Walkabout pub. Ex United player Billy Dearden had a fish & chip on West Street just over the road from the end of Carver Street. There was little mesters workshop located on the first floor of a building nearby (think he was a Filemaker?).
  4. It's good to see Woodseats and ex Rowlinson lad Chris Stainton is still playing keyboard for Eric Clapton(2018) first saw him playing in Joe Cocker's Grease Band some time in the mid 60s.
  5. southside


    Elbow Grease! or as they say in Sheffield. Geeit some elboor
  6. southside

    Bastardy cases

    Hi Thorntons girl. There could be a clue in your relatives name. My Father and Grandfather were both registered with name of the Father left blank. But both my Father and Grandfather were given the surname of the Father for second christian names by their Mothers.
  7. southside

    Greyhound Stadium

    Thanks guys, I guess my mate went to Hyde Park with it being closer to town than Darnal. Had a look on Wikipedia, there's guite a bit of history connected to the area where the Dog Track was eventually built in 1933. Apparently W.G.Grace played in a cricket match there! https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hyde_Park_(cricket_ground)
  8. Talk in the pub the other night somehow came around to greyhounds, one of the guys spoke about going to a stadium closer to town than Owlerton but couldn't remember where it was located. Can anyone shed any light on this place for me. Thanks Southside,
  9. southside

    The missing pubs of London Road in Sheffield

    Just had a word with an old workmate, he seems to think it was called the Derby? located near to the the corner of Lansdown Road and Boston Street? Yes the Vine was on Cemetery Road just above Summerfield Street, also remember going for a pint in The Washington on the corner of Cemetery Road and Washington Road I guess that would be around 1963/64.
  10. southside

    The missing pubs of London Road in Sheffield

    Are you thinking of the Star of Brunswick, I didn't go in for a pint but remember passing the pub on my way home from work.
  11. southside


    Just out of interest can anyone tell me anything about this house in Eckington? I just happened to see it from the car as we passed through the village the other day The fancy stonework above the windows caught my eye and I just wondered who the house was built for?
  12. southside

    Is this the best Fish and Chip shop????

    Chippy Dixon in Greenhill sold the best fish & chips around our way as far as we were concerned, chips and a threepenny fish, all for a tanner. As kids we would chant this little ditty just to annoy him. Chippy Dixon sells fish three halfpence a dish "don't buy it" "don't buy it" it stinks when you fry it.
  13. southside

    Is this the best Fish and Chip shop????

    Seeing the cement factory brought a smile to my face! I was installing a heating system at a farm on the hillside over looking Castleton some time in the late 60s. The farmer was having a running battle with Peak Planning about the sighting of his caravan, Peak Planning wanted it storing out of sight so it couldn't be seen from the Villiage. The farmer replied using a few choice words!! when you take down that chimney I'll shift my caravan.
  14. southside

    Moorfoot in Sheffield City Centre

    Thanks for the link boginspro. remember it now! I was working on Cemetery Road at the time, I used to walk up the Moor on my dinner break.
  15. southside

    Moorfoot in Sheffield City Centre

    Bought my first posh suit ( hand stitched lapels) on the Moor in 1968, got it from Isadore Newman's. Can't remember exactly where the shop was though, seem to think it was a prefab type building located at the bottom end of the Moor.