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  1. Came across Nora most Saturday nights in Pond Street on my way home from the Esquire club in the early sixties, Nora died in 1981!
  2. Good call boginspro! That would bring back some fond memories of my time attending night school classes at the old College of Technology on Tudor Way (previously Arundel Street) The plumbing workshop didn't have anywhere to mash, the tutor would allow us out two at a time to take our 10 minute break at the Adelphi, remember Elvis always playing on the jukebox, we'd make jokes about it, Elvis being so uncool to teenagers in 64.
  3. Thanks Oldbloke. Like you i also identified it as a VW Beetle! Got a text from a mate of mine, he says it's a Renault 4cv, don't remember seeing any of those knocking about in the 60s.
  4. A bit off topic! Can anyone identify for me the makes of the cars in the line up on the left? starting with the one with the L plate.
  5. Remember my son buying the Gremlin Graphics computer game "Monty Mole" for his Sinclair Spectrum, the computer games of the time required a cassette tape player to load onto the computer, a bit hit and miss! sometimes taking several goes to load. Calendar the local ITV news program did a feature on Gremlin Graphics and their "Monty Mole" game (said to be inspired by the miners strike of 84) featuring King Arthur's castle And from the Times of 84 this article!
  6. Thanks Hopman. I guess the photograph was taken by my uncle! he was living at Nether Edge in the 60s, i'll go and have a look for myself next time were allowed out
  7. Can anyone identify where this photograph was taken? It was amongst some photographs i received years ago from an old aunt of mine. Written on the back of the photograph, winter of 1960, Sheff 11. Thanks Southside
  8. There's some information about the Wicker Picture House on this cinemaTreasures website. http://cinematreasures.org/theaters/25490
  9. Smashing work of art! It highlights all the things me and my mates got up to in Bocking Woods (Chancet Wood) in the 50s. Climbing tree's, making dens, moulding touch burners out of clay from the river bank, making peashooters from the hollow stems of the Hogweed plant, drinking the spring water that trickled from an old cast iron pipe built into the hillside.
  10. Hope you don`t mind me contributing chapbrook! I think given address is Redmires! The enumerators fancy capital R incorporates the first few letters of the name. The 1841 census page of your ancestor Joseph Ogden shows the next home visited on the enumerators route was Lumley Lodge, this property is along the lane leading off from Fairthorn Green where the Ogdens lived, just shown on the edge of your map. You can see it better on this screenshot (old-maps.co.uk)
  11. William Booth died the 16th March 1900, He is buried along with his wife Elizer, son William and daughter Lucy Ann in the General Cemetery. This article about the Booth Family is from The Times newspaper of 1880.
  12. New series: Back in Time for the Corner Shop starts on Tue the 25th Feb 8pm BBC 2
  13. Not exactly ground plans! Have a look on this Britain from Above photograph taken of Broomhall in the 1920s If you sign in to the site you can view the photograph at a much higher definition! https://britainfromabove.org.uk/en/image/EPW005948
  14. Hi Tozzin I came across this information on Sheffield Records Online! General Cemetery: William Wigfall, Pea Croft, died 4th June 1864 age 70, description filecutter. Same grave: Ann Wigfall widow 11 Hoyle Street age 61 buried: 18th March 1879. Betsey Wigfall daughter of William Wigfall filecutter, Pear Street age 8 buried: 28th Sep 1863
  15. Hi Lois I've had a look on the 1861 census! A couple of the dwellings on Daisy Bank have a nurse living within the household, but there doesn't appear to be a Nursing Home. The General Infirmary was located in the area!