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  1. southside

    Church Socials

    Greenhill Methodist put on the occasional social evening in the old Chapel on Greenhill Main Road. I remember going along with my mates to see a local guy put on his escapology/magician act, another time was to see a pop group, "don't remember their name" well it was 1959, first time we'd seen a local group play live music!
  2. southside

    Swan, Greenhill

    The sale of the White Swan in 1845 didn't go through, John Camm was still the owner of the Swan in 1854! Thomas Wilson the publican at the White Swan in 1856 was the Son in Law of John Camm, he married John Camms daughter Ann in 1854. As well as owning the White Swan John Camm leased several Quarry's, including a Quarry at Whirlow, the Quarry & Brickyard on Meadowhead (now Morrison's) and a Brickyard on Derbyshire Lane, he also owned a farm on Little Norton Lane. His building firm did all the construction work at the new Norton Cemetery on Derbyshire Lane which opened in 1869.
  3. southside

    Swan, Greenhill

    The Landlord of the White Swan I remember from the sixties was a guy called Edwin Brocklehurst, who before going into the pub trade worked as a painter and decorator. In 1845 a property and land sale was advertised in the Sheffield and Rotherham Independent, one of the lots for sale was the White Swan, at the time of the sale the Swan was in the occupation of John Camm.
  4. southside

    Heart of the City 2

    Thanks for that RLongden! The wickipedia link was interesting. My wife's great grandfather moved up from Bristol in 1899 to demonstrate and teach the workings of the electric trams to the driver's of Sheffield's new tram system.
  5. southside

    Heart of the City 2

    A couple of then and now photographs of the two buildings in question! Laycock House is the building on the left of the first photograph. Can anyone date the old photograph showing the Laycock Building for me? From what i`ve found out about Laycock House it was built about 1896. The old Photograph of the Pepper Pot shows it with a pointed turret, i hope that gets replaced when the refurbishment takes place!
  6. southside

    Nickel Blanks Buildings

    Looking down Smithfield in 1937. Times might be hard but the kids can still raise a smile. Just around the corner from Smithfield on Snow Lane you can still see some of the former back to back houses forming part of a factory front.
  7. southside

    Nickel Blanks Buildings

    Thomas Kidgell 1851 Census, and 1852 Whites Sheffield Trade Directory.
  8. southside

    The old London Road

    No scaffolding for working at hight in those days! no one to foot the ladder for the workman supplying the roofer with slate's, and the roofer putting a lot of trust in the wooden gutter to support his slate ladder. No elf and safety in those days it was every man for himself, if you won't do it then we'll find someone who will. Been there done that.
  9. southside


    I'm not a bricklayer! but I guess the curved brickwork is to gain a bit of space at ground level, and the fancy transition brickwork is a way of getting back to regular brickwork.
  10. southside

    Date-Stones on Sheffield Buildings

    Sorry SteveHB, I'm ashamed to say I've not done any research into my old School, the only thing I did know is what lysander says in his post about how the National School's came about. One local benefactor to the village of Greenhill was property and land owner Isaac Shepherd, leaving in his will (1811) a sum of 80 Pounds to the Norton Free School for the education of poor children from Greenhill. In 1839 this sum enabled six scholars to be taught reading.
  11. southside

    Date-Stones on Sheffield Buildings

    A couple of Date-Stones on my first School (1951) Greenhill County School.
  12. southside

    Chantrey House, Norton

    The Norton Hall Estates sale document from 1850 can be viewed on the excellent Totley History Group website! http://www.totleyhistorygroup.org.uk/documents/land-ownership/norton-hall-1850/
  13. southside

    Chantrey House, Norton

    Good call RLongden. Harrold Armitage in his book Chantry Land talkes about several houses with the name Chantry House, one of which was located to the South of Norton Church. "Ouoting" from the book Chantry Land is this paragraph about a house located on the Green. Asline Ward mentions in his diary that "Mr Samuel Shore invited me to the Chantry House, as the Cottage on the Green is called.The effect is little injured by the enclosure of the Green.The Shores lived in Chantry House while the Hall was being altered" https://maps.nls.uk/geo/explore/spy/#zoom=16.035502753038966&lat=53.3344&lon=-1.4586&layers=6&b=1&r=44 Samuel Shore was declared bankrupt and Norton Hall was put up for sale in 1850, any alterations to the Hall would pre date this by several years.
  14. Robin is the tree that your parents are standing in front of the original Major Oak? I was told that the Major Oak we see today is a different tree altogether.
  15. Graves Park was our playground in the 50s, we played games of hide and seek in and around and some times under the bandstand of the outdoor theater located in the old quarry. Remember standing in a queue by the boathouse waiting our turn to have a go on the rowing boats listening out for the park keeper calling the boats in when time was up, also remember walking behind the banner of Greenhill Methodists through the park to join in with all the other local Churches for the annual Whit Sing, then afterwards back to Greenhill Hall for a garden party. On Sunday afternoons in the early 60s we would sit in a group on the grass slope just before you get to the the rose gardens, along with lots of other groups of teenagers, all huddled around transistor radio`s listening to the top twenty records of the week. You can still play a game of bowl`s and have a round of golf on the pitch and putt, the tennis courts have just had a make over, the football and cricket pitches are still in use but sadly not the rowing boats! there`s a children's play area and the animal center is worth a visit and you can still feed the ducks on the ponds, there`s also a secret garden if you can find it, and the Rose garden Cafe is still there, but the rose garden itself could do with a bit work.