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  1. southside


    I had a drive over to Low Bradfield to see how low the water level was in Dam Flask, its not low enough to see any signs of the old Hamlet of Dam Flask but if we don`t get any serious rain fall soon i think we might get to see the old bridge last seen when the Dam was drained for repair work in 1948. There is a link in the post above about to a photograph of the old bridge over to the Hamlet. My 3rd Great Grandfather lived and worked in the old Hamlet where he owned a wheelwright business, the census taken in 1871 shows he was still living there for at least 8 more years after the Great Flood of 1863. Anyone know the year the Hamlet was finally abandoned to make way for the Dam? Thanks Southside
  2. southside

    Ladybower and Ashopton

    Thanks for the links RLongden. In one of the links about the Hall it says Charles Boot carried out the demolition of the Hall, wasn't he the guy who demolished Clumber House after it was destroyed by fire? Next time I'm out at Derwent I'll look out for your dad's bench! In the early seventies i installed some heating in the building called the Old House over on the opposite side of the reservoir from your dad's bench, if I'm remembering correctly it was leased at the time to a Mr Ollerenshaw JP.
  3. southside

    Ladybower and Ashopton

    Some photographs of Derwent Village, i`m not sure what buildings these ruins were part of! can anyone enlighten me as to what they are?
  4. southside

    Woodseats Tram Terminus.

    If the date on this Picture Sheffield Photograph is correct boginspro, the track extension to Abbey Lane would be a year or two after 1912 Question for Voldy! did trolley buses ever run in Sheffield?
  5. southside

    Ladybower and Ashopton

    No chance of touching the arches this week rover1941
  6. southside

    Woodseats Tram Terminus.

    These Picture Sheffield Photographs show the same scene 10 or so years earlier,spot the changes? The other photograph shows the view in the opposite direction.
  7. southside

    Ladybower and Ashopton

    Film about Derwent Valley Reservoirs and Dams
  8. southside

    Church Socials

    Greenhill Methodist put on the occasional social evening in the old Chapel on Greenhill Main Road. I remember going along with my mates to see a local guy put on his escapology/magician act, another time was to see a pop group, "don't remember their name" well it was 1959, first time we'd seen a local group play live music!
  9. southside

    Swan, Greenhill

    The sale of the White Swan in 1845 didn't go through, John Camm was still the owner of the Swan in 1854! Thomas Wilson the publican at the White Swan in 1856 was the Son in Law of John Camm, he married John Camms daughter Ann in 1854. As well as owning the White Swan John Camm leased several Quarry's, including a Quarry at Whirlow, the Quarry & Brickyard on Meadowhead (now Morrison's) and a Brickyard on Derbyshire Lane, he also owned a farm on Little Norton Lane. His building firm did all the construction work at the new Norton Cemetery on Derbyshire Lane which opened in 1869.
  10. southside

    Swan, Greenhill

    The Landlord of the White Swan I remember from the sixties was a guy called Edwin Brocklehurst, who before going into the pub trade worked as a painter and decorator. In 1845 a property and land sale was advertised in the Sheffield and Rotherham Independent, one of the lots for sale was the White Swan, at the time of the sale the Swan was in the occupation of John Camm.
  11. southside

    Heart of the City 2

    Thanks for that RLongden! The wickipedia link was interesting. My wife's great grandfather moved up from Bristol in 1899 to demonstrate and teach the workings of the electric trams to the driver's of Sheffield's new tram system.
  12. southside

    Heart of the City 2

    A couple of then and now photographs of the two buildings in question! Laycock House is the building on the left of the first photograph. Can anyone date the old photograph showing the Laycock Building for me? From what i`ve found out about Laycock House it was built about 1896. The old Photograph of the Pepper Pot shows it with a pointed turret, i hope that gets replaced when the refurbishment takes place!
  13. southside

    Nickel Blanks Buildings

    Looking down Smithfield in 1937. Times might be hard but the kids can still raise a smile. Just around the corner from Smithfield on Snow Lane you can still see some of the former back to back houses forming part of a factory front.
  14. southside

    Nickel Blanks Buildings

    Thomas Kidgell 1851 Census, and 1852 Whites Sheffield Trade Directory.
  15. southside

    The old London Road

    No scaffolding for working at hight in those days! no one to foot the ladder for the workman supplying the roofer with slate's, and the roofer putting a lot of trust in the wooden gutter to support his slate ladder. No elf and safety in those days it was every man for himself, if you won't do it then we'll find someone who will. Been there done that.