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  1. Maybe it's the roadways that are, (by chance placement), associated with these particular enclosures, versus the other way around. I'm thinking that If the enclosures were orignally intended as cattle-holding structures in more or less modern history, then the question of their purpose would not likely be a matter of speculation but more one of common knowledge.... maybe? By convenience and default they may been in fact used for cattle in more or less modern history, but that doesn't necessarily define them as having been originally built for that purpose. Stonehenge is circular (as are hundreds of other similarly enigmatic ancient circular structures). Was it built next to a road for the purpose of enclosing cattle?
  2. That must be what it is ... A simple maze, with two entrances. They cut the mowing by 2/3's, except for the maze paths of course, but it beats mowing the whole thing. Regarding Mucky Lane -- I can't hardly believe they drove the camera vehicle down that road. That one's a regular goat path!
  3. A short distance to the south and east -- What is going on here? : http://www.flasheart...6.9&r=0&src=msl Another circular oddity: http://www.flasheart...8.6&r=0&src=msl
  4. Anybody notice that the labels on the 1850 sketch are opposite (or seemingly opposite) the reality, where one would expect that the one labeled "Wood" would be filled with trees, but is not, and the one labeled "Ring" is the one filled with trees? What's up with that?
  5. Are you sure that the "e" in Mertnall is not maybe an "o" ? I'm not suggesting that Morton Hall (or Mortonhall) up near Edinburgh is the placename in question, but that doesn't discount the possibility that, like you say, there may once have been an 18th century farm or house somewhere near Ecclesfield with a name similar to what appears as "Mertnall" on the document -- something more like Mortonhall, and that it was simply misspelled phonentically as Mertnall or Mortnall (i.e. Mort'n'all). A lot depends too on if the document may have been drawn-up in a hurry where the handwriting appears hasty and errored, as opposed to deliberate and carefully spelled. All in all these kinds of puzzlements are thoroughly entertaining. Thanks!
  6. Phonetically and linguistically in Yorkshire I can imagine a placename like Morton Hall being spoken as, and hence written as, Mort'n'all or Mert'n 'all ... as in: sooner or later somebody in Ecclesfield might write it exactly as they heard it, circa 1792. Mike
  7. I have seen Mortomley misspelled and/or mistranscribed as Mortanby in the 1841 census record. Per this source there is no Mertnall anywhere in Yorkshire.... there is however a Morton Hall a few miles south of Edinburgh, Scotland: http://books.google....tonhall&f=false Mike (yet another one)
  8. OK, I'm not afraid to go out on a limb here ... Could Mertnall be an error meant to be Mortomley, in which case either it was misspelled outright or it simply appears to be that which it is not. Is the handwriting clearly "Mertnall" ? Maybe the "ey" on the end is missing ... either missing over time given the document's age, or the pen skipped ? Mortomley is about as close as you can get to Ecclesfield, and appears phonetically, at least, somewhat similar to Mertnall.
  9. A little something about where and who shot the vid: http://www.robhelsby...ght_Angels.html
  10. The reference to Appalachia in the intro was pretty unexpected. I'm sitting in the heart of Appalachia, and I can tell you it's a long way from Sheffield... actually, it's a long way from a lot of places . There are however a few of those overnight angels here and there, but none that I'm aware of that can hold a candle to the presumed overnight angel in the vid. Dang!
  11. Getting back to Enid.... I keep staring at this one: Births Jun 1924 Kay Enid Lincoln Barnsley 9c 561 How incredibly convenient -- the date, the name (fore and sur), the proximity, and it wasn't like there were skads of Enid's born all over the place. Of course, Lincoln is a bit of a complication, but then the assumption is that your Enid was adopted.
  12. Roma presents a bigger problem (as if Enid isn't enough).... There were something like 21 Roma's born in WRY between Mar 1913 and Dec 1920; none of which registered in Sheffield. There was 1 Roma birth registered in 1920 (as I recall) to a mother with the maiden name "Key" in Ecclesall Bierlow, but I think the father's name was Metcalf, (again, if I recall correctly).
  13. Assuming she was adopted, then this would be of course the marriage of her adopted parents: Marriages Dec 1919 White Robert W Kay Sheffield 9c 1486 Marriages Dec 1919 Kay Ida White Sheffield 9c 1486 Assuming that she was in fact born in Sheffield in June of 1924 and assuming that she was given the name “Enid” at birth, and that it remained so, there were 3 Enid’s born in Sheffield in the June Qtr of 1924: Births Jun 1924 Morton Enid Sproson Sheffield 9c 1150 Hey Enid Beever Sheffield 9c 1048 Eaton Enid Hobson Sheffield 9c 1165 There were 5 Enid’s born in Sheffield in the March Qtr, and 1 born in the September Qtr. There were dozens of Enid’s born in WRY between the March and September Qtr’s of 1924, among which was this interesting birth in the June Qtr of 1924: Births Jun 1924 Kay Enid Lincoln Barnsley 9c 561
  14. Are you sure about the year of birth, and did Enid White have a middle name?
  15. I'm thinking this photo is pretty "pioneer-ish". This is John Jackson (my ggg-gf) ca 1880, in front of his cabin home, way to hell and gone up in the backwoods of Sullivan County, PA, USA. In 1841 this same John Jackson (the oldest of 6) was residing on Andrew Street, Brightside, in the home of his in-laws. Meanwhile, his parents and siblings were residing at the Manor Lodge, in what is known today as the Long Gallery portion of the Manor ruins. Andrew Street is now gone - obliterated by a portion of what is now called (I think) Derek Dooley Way.