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  1. I take my kids down there regularly during the summer
  2. Tinsley Tram sheds facade are Grade 2 listed,so nothing can be done to them
  3. off the top of my head I cant remember,I'm afraid. also looking at the pics the front entrance was bricked up before I started going up there(80's),the entrance used was under the big window as shown in andy's pic (right one)it opened into a big lobby with a kitchen at one side ,a small stairway at the other(leading to the hall upstairs)the main staircase to the hall upstairs and two doors to the chapel itself.struggling to remember how you got to the upper seating in the chapel now like you say though it would make a good place for the local community,as I cant see anybody buying it for the purpose of a residential property/ies.
  4. one example where they've been saved in Sheffield is the Tramways medical centre on Holme Lane.They were told before they could even build that in no uncertain terms that the front wall must be kept.Unfortunatley the "accidents" happen all the time in the building industry,take a look at the site up Pitsmoor a few months back that planning was being held up on due to trees planted there,only for them to be dug up mysteriously one night.
  5. Bankrupt jeans shop,just down from Coles(heading towards Suggs)
  6. the towered building looks like the old park keepers cottage,that was opposite the butchers.
  7. I used to attend Cubs/Scouts there.I have spent many a night camping out in the grounds.I always remember that once or twice a year we would give the grounds a good tidy(clearing the weeds/cutting the brambles etc)round the graves.It's such a shame to see it falling into such disrepair.I'm sure there is a few graves of victims of the flood there also,and I always remember on one of a bloke who got run over by a milk float.
  8. about 10 years ago when they refurbed Fargate with all the cobbles and all that
  9. what was it again "Our Jimmy tis best footballer in whole er Sheffield"
  10. You always got a superb view from Park Hill....the major one being the fact you couldnt see Park Hill flats!!! Again as in the case of Kelvin it seems that when first built and the next few years after,these were actually great places to live. Then due to neglect by the council,these places seemed to get more and more run down,leading to the "wrong"sort of people being moved in to them thus leading to further decline. Wether it just happens in Sheffield or other cities in the country I dont know Also please feel sorry for us poor saps that had to deliver on the flats for many years,Iused to hate it knowing you'd got a fridge to deliver on there
  11. Seeing as though Keith Barron makes an appearance(him being Mexborough born and bred) Can we also "Steal" Brian as one of our own?(him being a Mexborough lad also) His performance in Flash Gordon should have won him an Oscar
  12. I sure if I recall Mel said he had an Owls shirt underneath during filming
  13. It also used to host the most mental Bonfire Nights.Always remember 2 in particular the first being when a car set on fire and the fire engine sent pushing double parked cars out of the way allthe way up the road.And the 2nd when a fire work shot into the crowd a few years later just missing my niece and myself (luckily she was on my shoulders at the time otherwise it would have hit her). Also I'm sure I read something about them finding some sort of toxic waste being buried on the site after it had burnt down.
  14. thanks for the welcome tsavo.And yes it does mean "For The Win" its used extensivley in online gaming. And nothing bad could ever be said of the Legend that is Tim Scothern As for the series it was shown about 3 years ago on BBC1,and featured heavily around Sheffield,Rotherham and Barnsley