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  1. Nice one Stevehb.....another one bites the dust. Brian
  2. So sorry I should have said, Grahams tyres is on Leppings Lane S6, just by the traffic lights. Brian
  3. Recently a advertising hording has been removed from above Grahams Tyres and this was behind it, can't quite make out what the name is. Brian
  4. Came across this one today, don't think its been posted before, can't make out the wording at the top Leppings Lane
  5. A very special person, Mr Joe Scarborough visited the pictures of sheffield old and new today and showed his support for the portland works plight by signing the petition, here's some shots :
  6. I thought there was a topic on here somwhere about the plight of portland works but can't find it through search. There is a petition in the castle market (lower ground art space) within the pictures of sheffield old and new exhibition. People have been saying that for one reason or another that they can't get down there to sign it so we have created an online petition for anyone who can't make it. Follow the link below. saveportlandworks Thanks for reading, Brian :)
  7. Don't know if this has been posted before but here it is... This is on the corner of Marion road, junction of middlewood road.
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