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  1. Watched this yesterday and some of it looked to be filmed in Kelham Island - River Don Steam engine etc. Is this where it was filmed?
  2. MDC

    Wagon Wheels

    Hi all Sheffielders. When I was a kid at school in the 70's and 80's I absolutely loved school puddings. They don't seem to make them anymore as my kids will attest to. The thing is, I keep remembering my favourate, which my school called "Wagon Wheels". They were a shortbread type of biscuit with a chocolate flavoured swirl surrounded by, I think, a vanilla flovoured swirl and served with chocolate custard. The only place that I have ever seen them is a bakery in Woodseats. I bought some once but I don't know if memory changes over time but they didn't seem the same. Does anyone remember them? If so does anyone have the recipe as my wife says she will bake me some.
  3. I remember going there when I was a kid (when else?). My mum took me and my brother on my birthday. We took a no75 bus and got off outside Castle Market and walked all the way to the top of the Moor. All the way I kept asking "is that it?" with my mum saying "no, we've got a while to go yet." I was very dissappointed when I found out the Eggbox wasn't Redgates. When we did get there I was amazed at all the stuff thereand eventually left with a Batmobile (the one that fired little plastic missiles out the back) which I managed to ruin within 2 hours of getting home (not on purpose).
  4. Hi to everyone on Sheffield History. My name's Phil and I have a very strong interest in all things Sheffield, past, present and future. I grew up in Lane Top, got my first place at Firth Park and now live in Hackenthorpe. Because I support the interets of Sheffield so much, I am one of those rare people who support both Wenesday and United, except when they play each other! I found this site by searching for old maps on Sheffield to see how it developed and have been impressed by what I have seen. Hope to chat to some of you soon.