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  1. I received the following message from admin apparently.....
  2. I was in the south stand with my dad for the 1974 game. It still stands as one of the most exciting games I've ever seen at Hillsborough, though I was only 11 at the time.
  3. I was 7 years old, and though I used to attend quite regularly with my dad, I didn't go that night. He went though, and I can still remember him coming home and shaking his head in utter disbelief, 'They were passing the ball to us' he said.....again and again. Interesting to read those match reports from people who were there......thanks.
  4. It was a long time ago and there may have been a few scuffles here and there that I don't remember. But basically, these things are and were always exaggerated.
  5. hehehehe 'silk' scarves tied round the wrist hehehehe
  6. I've given it up. Are you still involved then? I thought you'd sold it.
  7. Those programmes for schools and colleges were great though......real quality. I reckon the kids today could do with some of that. Every so often we would watch them at school...they'd wheel in a big telly on a stand and the kids would watch that clock with the little second marks that dissapeared one by one. When you were off school sick, you'd watch them all. Same with the open university on BBC2.....this was educational TV brought to the masses unlike the celebrity worship/gameshow/laugh at Chav talk show we get now.
  8. I loved watch with mother, though I'd watch it with my nan as my mam was at work. She liked Crown Court which was on just before or after it. Camberwick green and trumpton also featured. How on eath did they teach that hamster to drive a boat?
  9. I think Rolf Harris was quite a competitive swimmer in his young days....might have swam for Australia. He used to do those public information film where he was in the pool encouraging kids to learn to swim. I could never tell what the picture was supposed to be.......I thought it was somebodies leg, but it turned out to be someone swimming........no real surprise there. I wonder if there is any photographic record of the painting. Those bakets were tiny and seemed to have a habit of digging you in the legs and feet as you struggled to the counter with them. Nothing better than a hot chocolate from the machine to take away the taste of the chlorine though.
  10. Those rocking horses where you get about 6 people on were fantastic and upredictable. They were eventually withdrawn because children would get their knee caught under the front as it came down....smashing the leg bones. Pah....political correctness gone mad!
  11. Deeply ugly. But to tell the truth, I remember when it was built and as a kid first seeing it I thought it looked fantastic.
  12. Yeah, the one on the golden shot was shiny gold! Our one was exactly like the blue one pictured.
  13. I was at the Oldham riot game, I would have been about 17 at the time. To be honest there was a strange atmophere all morning. When we got to the station in Oldham we went by bus to the ground, they were normal buses, not laid on coaches or anything....with a poor conductor going round taking fares. Everybody on my bus was banging on the ceiling of the bus in time to that John Hark song that the blunts still sing. Everybody talkes about the sending off being a catalyst for what happened next, and of course it was.......but I was standing near the front right in the thick of the travelling owls and one supporter jumped up onto the wire fence that separated us from the pitch and a policeman hit him with his truncheon. To my mind that was the real catalyst.....though I suppose it could have happened anyway. The major factor was that the stand we were on was completely littered by lumps of concrete and stones....absolutely covered in them. I don't know why, maybe some building work had gone on or something, but fans started to throw these onto the pitch. In traditional 70's style the police lined up in front of the goal facing the fans. It was like that scene at Hillsborough when we played Arsenal in the FA cup run and the Kop was covered with snow. Except these were lumps of concrete and not snowballs. I saw one copper get hit on the leg by a big lump and he went down heavily. The police turned pretty nasty at that point. Big Jack came out eventually and appealed for calm, which was restored. On the way out though, we all had to pass between a wall and a line of police and dogs and each recieved a punch from the police or a bite from the dog (or was it a bite from the police and a punch from the dog....I forget). The police were jumpy even in Sheffield and as we walked through Pond Street a speeding plain clothes police car almost ran my mate over on a zebra crossing. My mate said WTF or something, and three burly plain clothes police suddenly jumped out of the car and pinned him to the ground.....totally unecessarily. I think he'd have got a kicking if we hadn't been there at witnesses. I think there was a double page spread in one of the Sunday papers labelling us ANIMALS. There was no actual fighting.
  14. I'm a lifelong owl, but living in east London for the last 20 years, the only London club I've ever gone to watch is West Ham. I'm thoroughly delighted with the result. Come on you Irons! hehehehehe
  15. We didn't have a party line, but we had a trimphone. It seemed so futuristic and sophisticated.....and the dial used to glow in the dark! A kid at school could imitate its ring perfectly, but I never could.