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  1. HA HA ok guys but if i can get some folk to go under with me do you guys fancy been the guys on top then ?? it takes some planing
  2. 2009 about may time sould ave taken them b4 it was all smashed up for scrap it went from a fine empty place to the sites you see here in a few weeks
  3. Old Board room Safes upstairs A very very sad site Posh entrance one day
  4. Been sorting out my pictures and wondered if this might be of interest ..its the Old Presto Building Penistone Road First my Van in there
  5. no but its funny you sould say that ..you have walked along gleedless common i supect many many times ...ever noticed ow many walls and garden work ave grind/mill stones in them on there ?? the old farm's wall toppers are all the same size as the ones i have but cut in half ..and there are many more walls in gardens on the common that have them in ...but may be its cos i am looking that i am finding and seeing them now ??
  6. no Dave it was digging out for this one bloody hard few months later the old Myrtal stuff is under 200 ton of soil . .never did post that picture of the key stone ..i will do that now the plants have died back round it Why do you ask ?
  7. You are right i found it here its the path that comes out behind the the sheaf pub at Heely it looks very tow Toe??path dont you think ..I Like it and if you don't mind is it ok to keep posting my river finds ?? I spend alot of my very little spair time in places like this Trying to catch these i even risked my life 3 years ago to see how the Don was going on penistone road on my flood beater
  8. Found this HUGE Hoarse shoe behind Comet and Halfords on the river sheaf Wonder if a Shire Dray Hoarse shed it on the toe path there or it was chucked in ?? What you think ??
  9. Planning of building a wall with them around a patio i have dug out ..i want to use as much of History in the build as i can sorta like a shrine to the rivers and industry round sheffield rivers