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  1. I remember most of them, quite an interesting selection of Sheffield people.
  2. The photo of Norton Hammer must have been taken about the time it was demolished as it looks derelict. Can anyone identify the terrace houses in the background ?
  3. Thanks for that, I remember walking down to see it
  4. If you look on picture Sheffield you will see that it was Ivy House Farm the Dale Woodseats
  5. I seem to remember a tram being knocked over on the site of your photo in the 1950's, does anyone else remember this.?
  6. Looks like you have solved it. I have recollections of going there when I was very young late 1940's, it was a dark grim old building not like a shop more like offices.
  7. It looks like there were 2 Co op sites then in that area, the street no 665 matches the one I am thinking of. It would make sense if it were the Co op that ration books could have been obtained there
  8. Thanks but I think the CO OP was on the other side of the Rd at the junction with Barmouth Rd.
  9. Does anyone remember a large building from the late 1940's at the junction of Arnside Rd and Abbeydale Rd. I seem to think it was a council or government office where ration books were issued. It was on the site that is now a garage.
  10. The problem for looking after graves is that most of them are taken on relatively short term leases and repairs cannot be undertaken unless the leases are renewed from the time they expired.
  11. Thanks for confirmation, it is All Saints Church Lyon St
  12. Can anyone identify this church, I think I took it in the 70's around Pitsmoor, Petre St
  13. I would have thought most of the pictures on Picture Sheffield were given to them by the public and for public use, I do not think this gives Picture Sheffield copyright to these donated pictures, this applies also to pictures given to Sheffield Libraries and transferred to Picture Sheffield, if they intend to try and benefit comercially from these they will have to pay copyright to the owners. Ian