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  1. the U.S drama was called 'the day after'....watch all four films back to back and feel utterly depressed...awesome!!
  2. Would agree that the impact of the film was far greater at the time. I was near enough 18 years old back then and it really got me going the wrong way..it made you' think what if?'...without going too far from the sheffield theme, other films have the same effect. 'On the beach' (1959) with gregory peck, 'When the wind blows' animated film with the voices of John Mills and peggy ashcroft is dreadful to watch..and I remember a U.S drama being show in this country about the effects of nuclear war on a u.s town. The scene where a base ball match is interrupted by minute man missiles taking off bound for russia from the local military base is particularly memorable. Cannot remember for the life of me what it was called though. The day after threads was broadcast everyone was talking about it at work, A lass that I worked with told me that in the middle of the night she was so scared thinking about it that she got in the car and drove to her mum and dads house and stayed over night!! I will give it another viewing..and see if I start digging my fall out shelter in the morning!
  3. The ABC was the cinema of choice amongst my group of friends. If it was a Sci-Fi film the screen size in the main auditorium really did any visual effects packed film justice. Went to see James camerons Aliens there in 1986 and the big screen really did give scale to the action. Seem to remember reading an article in the Sheffield Star that Screen 1 boasted one of the largest screens in europe. Dont know if that was true but when those curtains pulled back the size was something to behold..always impressed me. I was saddened to see it demolished and I think the demise of some of the city centre cinemas was brought about by the out of town multiplexes like the one at crystal peaks which in turn went down the pan its self....as others have said..the worst part about the ABC was the outside cue in the urinal..Romeos and Juliets turning out in the early hours was one reason for that..as you walked up angel street the stream that emerged from that passage way and ran over the pavement was someting to avoid!!
  4. thankyou for the welcome... really great website...have really enjoyed this thread about the old camp...
  5. I grew up on the gleadless valley estate close to the old base at Norton. I regularly would take the family dogs down Lightwood lane for long walks and on some occasions would walk on a foot path across farm land that took you to the south eastern side of the old camp. At the edge of the camp on the edge of woodland there is a big concrete bunker. It was a considerable structure, Steel doors either end and inside chairs, steel frame bunk beds, a couple of decades of rubbish and graffiti. It was a wellies on exploration inside as there always seemed to be about a foot of water in it. Growing up during the cold war I was convinced that if the russians had pressed the button that bunker may have been one of the few places to shelter. Being so close to sheffield city centre..probably not!! but the thought was comforting to at least one young gleadless lad..wonder if anyone else came across it?? Its not visible on google earth..Ive looked. Will take a walk down memory lane during the summer and take some photos of it and post.