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  1. I don't remember the "Travelling Cinerama" but I do remember seeing "How the west was won" at the ABC Cinema (long gone) in the mid to late fifties. This was in Cinerama although I suspect that it was in the last revised version of the format which was really a grand Cinemascope as it didn't need three projectors but at the same time really effective. The ABC was, like the Odeon and it's extra leg room, a new cinema with a modern style as it was all on one level sloping towards the screen (no balcony) with a huge wide screen and a modern sound system. I was, and still am, very interested in the cinema and during the fifties visited most of the city centre cinemas regularly. The cinema was, in those days, an escape from reality and I don't think that there has been anything to replace it since. Sure sign that I am not young anymore! :(