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  1. My grandfather (born and raised first 12 years of his life in the Workhouse), is found working as a drayman for the Milner family who I guess held a license for the Green Man. Have you ever checked the Sheffield Archives for record of your ancestor ukelele lady? Some kind person found some things on my relatives in the Guardian Minute Books held there. Wish those would get digitized and put online!! I do have mentions of some othres from the 20 or so pages I do have, if you want me to check for a name, let me know. And thank you RLongden for the map and explanation.
  2. Forgive me tozzin, but what does that mean - Green Man?
  3. That would be good Lyn. Thanks to everyone who gave input to help me here. If my DNA comes back with Irish in me, I'd be quite surprised and would think of digging further into the Irish Parker family lead mentioned earlier, although I'm still leaning towards the Mary Ann Parker that was mentioned in those news paper clippings from Bailey Street. Again, many thanks!!
  4. Many thanks to you for helping in describing the different workhouses. The children, as I understand, were placed in cottages with a 'house mother' so-to-speak. Knowing how long my grandpa and his 2 siblings were there makes me sad to know they likely had no bond with their own mother, even if they did spend the first couple years with her from birth. As for addresses, could you help me in knowing what the addresses where Mary Ann is listed when the 3 children were born means. Is it addresses within the workhouse grounds? or is a place she was working at, outside of the workhouse? The birth register of the 3 children, shows all born Workhouse, Pitsmoor. Is Pitsmoor yet another Workhouse? All 3 show a line drawn through were the Dad's name should be, that is a huge brick wall Guess I am wondering if I am missing any clues from this. On a good note... I mailed out my Ancestry DNA kit today... yeah!!!
  5. Thanks Lyn. That very well could be her. I have found her starting from age 13 in the Workhouse. In 1881 at age 13 in Ecclesall Bierlow in the Ecclesall Bierlow Union Workhouse 1 In 1891 at age 22 in Brightside Bierlow in the Sheffield Union Workhouse (son William listed with her). In 1901 at age 34 in Brightside Bierlow in the Workhouse. What is the difference between Ecclesall and Brightside since first one shows Ecclesall for her?
  6. Lyn, would you be able to do 5 years before and after 1868 to see how many show in same area? Would like to see what other maiden names show for mother. Please and thanks!
  7. I have my Ancestry DNA kit sitting here and don't have any Irish roots I know of, so if Irish shows up, that would be interesting. I think I should order the one birth record of Mary Ann Curley to start with while I wait on the DNA. Also aware of naming children after themselves or their parents and siblings. So will be watching for names of William, Henry, Eliza, Mary, Ann, and Harry. Thanks so much to those helping me along the way!!
  8. Holy moly, could it really be a possibility to narrow down her birth that easily, especially with such a common first and last name!! I should do some digging into that Curley name I guess!! Thanks Lyn
  9. above clip: Feb 16, 1876 above clip: Feb 18, 1876 Those are very likely my Mary Ann Parker, but have nothing at all to confirm it, even a birth registered document could not help. Only wish they had named the father instead of the stepmother.
  10. Edmund, I could not be sure if that was her with a mom and sisters in the Workhouse (1871), or if a mention in the Sheffield paper (1878) of a child, Mary Ann Parker being in front of the courts for lying to actually get into the workhouse, stating her parents dead and was living in the Park, when they were not dead but living on Bailey St. Then again another news article 2 years prior (1876) that mentions of a child of 8 years old, Mary Ann Parker in the courts, in which her dad and a step mom (Martha Hodgson) had been ill treating her, they were charged/fined and then were back in court shortly after and conclusion was to send her to the Workhouse where father would pay for her keep. I sadly can't confirm which of those are actually her. In the 1881 census, the 13 year old Mary Ann Parker, I always believed was her, but not sure which of those mentioned above ties in with her, or are they actually all her LOL. She would have had first child in 1886 (Eliza). Thank you so much again for your help trying to figure this out. I have clips of those news articles if you think I should post them here?
  11. Library Archives Canada, British home children database: http://www.bac-lac.gc.ca/eng/discover/immigration/immigration-records/home-children-1869-1930/immigration-records/Pages/item.aspx?IdNumber=84650 You can read his full service files where you will see Digitized service file - PDF format: http://www.bac-lac.gc.ca/eng/discover/military-heritage/first-world-war/personnel-records/Pages/item.aspx?IdNumber=294477
  12. He was 'sentenced' to the training ship by the Board of Guardians in 1901, after being caught stealing pence at school. He was born 1890 and raised in the Workhouse/Children's Homes up to that point. In Dec 1905, after 4 years of being on the training ship, during an inspection on the Southampton, he is found to be too small and it was recommended he should be sent out to a farming situation, and that the training ship should only be for strong boys. This info was found in the Guardian Minute Books held at the Sheffield Archives. Someone was kind enough to get that much info a few years back for me. So by this time, he would be nearing 16 years of age if taken off the training ship after that report. It is another 9 years before start of WWI, which he enlists, and it is those 9 years I am trying to find where he was and what he was doing. So for the 1911 census, that is half way between and gives me a glimpse. He is actually 21 by the 1911 census as his birth register shows he was older than he thought. His grave marker is off by 2 years. Most curious as to what he did from 1905 until the 1911 census. I know the answer will likely never be really known, but it sure is nice to slowly see what his life was about before coming to Canada. Hopefully he enjoyed the drayman job and stayed on there until he enlisted, where he continued on with horse, being with the R.H. and R.F.A. as a Driver. Thank you all so much for the photos and extra digging of information that I can't access over here! Much appreciated. Here is a photo showing his sentence...
  13. My goodness, thank you so much for taking the time to have a look about for me!! This does help give a sense of his surroundings at the time. Also, this Milner family were quite well off by the sounds of it, and likely grandpa was hired on to do some of the deliveries as a 'drayman.' I do hope he stayed on and enjoyed this work before the 'call of duty' came. Wonder what became of this Milner family. Now to see if possibly can locate them and see if they have photos of any of the employees working for the business back then. Never know! Always hopeful. Again, thank you so much!
  14. Thank you boginspro!! Those buildings on Olivet sure do look older. My grandpa was on the training ship called The Southampton in about 1905 and from there I don't know if he went with this family or ended up here after, but that is what I am trying to piece together. His life from 1905 until he enlisted in WWI, and then came to Canada in 1920. Is there a way to find out how long this Milner family may have stayed at these places or the market?
  15. In the 1911 census, my grandfather, William Henry Parker, is listed as a 'drayman' and living with the Milner family. Wondering if any photos are out there of this time period of the market or the addresses they have listed below please? Or if by chance there is a photo of this store the family ran, which seems would have been a bakery? After the Great War my grandpa immigrated to Canada and trying to piece his life over there before coming here. Thanks. Milner, Samuel (, Confectioner). Address: 50 Duke Street, 11 Sheaf Market & 38 & 40 Olivet Road, Woodseats, in 1905 and 1911. Also at Sheaf Market in 1925 business directory.
  16. Thank you Dean. Still have not found what became of great grandma, Mary Ann Parker and her daughter Eliza. The Will Maybury story was fascinating, as is most of the Finding The Fallen shows. Have a wonderful 2016
  17. Many Sheffielders may not realize their family extends to Canada through the immigration of places such as Dr Barnardo's Homes. My grandpa and his sister and brother were born in the Workhouse of Sheffield to a single pauper woman, who seems to have lived most of her life there since childhood. His brother would become a British home child sent to Canada in 1910. Grandpa came here to join him after WWI. The sister and their mother have yet to be found. Excellent link to Canada's British home children, thank you for posting it.
  18. Sadly, it cannot be the correct one, as this Eliza was only 19 years old in 1923, according to the certificate. This Harry Finningley was a 40 year old widower. I have had someone helping, who has gone above and beyond, but my Eliza has been hard to trace after the 1911 census showing her as a domestic at age 22. My Eliza was born 1886 in Sheffield and sent to the Girls Friendly Society in Lincoln in 1901 when she was 14. Thanks for trying though. If you have other ideas, I'd be happy to hear them!
  19. I AM STILL SEARCHING.... Looking for the mother and sister of my Grandfather. Grandpa and his siblings were all born and lived in Fir Vale, Union Workhouses of Sheffield. WHO I AM SEARCHING FOR.... SEEKING Mother: Mary Ann Parker b. abt 1867, single pauper (where born is not known, but likely Sheffield) (last admittance of her youngest child into the Homes was in 1903 and she was marked down as Mary Ann BRAMHALL (late PARKER) and prior to that, in 1901, she was marked only as Mary Ann PARKER - so if she married, it would 'seem' she married between between 1901-1903) possibly she married but no record found that matches up?? SEEKING WHAT BECAME OF HER WHO I AM SEARCHING FOR.... SEEKING child 1: Eliza Parker b. 26 Nov 1886 (sent to the Girls Friendly Society in Lincoln in 1901, found her in 1911 census as a servant at age 22, single, in Gainsborough, Lincolnshire for the well known Edlington family SEEKING WHAT BECAME OF HER child 2: William Henry Parker b. 10 Feb 1890 (sent to the training ship called Southampton in 1901, joined the BEF, married, then immigrated to Canada in 1920 to join his younger brother, Harry) (died in 1944 from ? at age 54 - married in UK before immigrating and had 6 children) child 3: Harry Parker b. 24 Nov 1895 (became a Barnardo Boy, emigrated to Canada in 1910, have his Barnardo records but no family info included with those who came from a Union Workhouse) (Harry went on to join the CEF for both our Great Wars - sadly he died in 1941 from cancer at age 45 - never married, nor had children) Hopefully someone can provide help in learning what happened to Mary Ann and Eliza?? It would be nice to know if Grandpa was the only one who went on to have children or if we have more relatives from Eliza, and even possibly from Mary Ann. Thank you to anyone willing to help me... Dawn
  20. Thanks SteveHB ... that helps place him on the real picture map for me
  21. These calenders are great! Thank you for posting them and sharing them. I am going to add the birthdays of my Parker family to them and print them off. As for the picture in the December calender - do you know what happened to this building? Dawn
  22. I received a copy of my Grandfather's marriage certificate and it lists his address at the time (Mar 1918) as 15 Goodwin Rd, Heeley Sheffield and he is listed as a bachelor - soldier. I used the Google Map and could actually go right down to the street (which was amazing) but I notice this is a short street with only even numbered homes on one side and a line of trees on the opposite side. Were there homes on both sides at one time ??? Any hope in finding what happened to where he was staying ? Thanks Dawn (in Ontario, Canada)
  23. This album contains the headstone and foot stone of William Henry Parker (my grandpa) along with some copied documents I have obtained. His date of birth was incorrectly documented on most things. He was born Feb 10, 1890 in the Workhouse of Sheffield. Mother was a single pauper who seemingly went into the Workhouse as a child herself, Mary Ann Parker, about 1868-?. Also born to her: Eliza Parker, Nov 26, 1886-? and Harry Parker, a British home child, Nov 24, 1895-Mar 16, 1941.