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  1. Brilliant, UL:- I detest "Drorrre-ing" for "Drawing" however,you left out "Pumpchurr" for "Puncture" and my personal bugbear, that young lady, "Laura Norder" ("Law and order") ;)
  2. Sturge Street, in Heeley was renamed "Sturge Croft" On old maps of Sharrow, Croydon Street (between Fentonville St and Langdon St) is called "Beverley St. The street my grandpa was born onto, in Netherthorpe, the "Canada" was renamed Blythe Street. (no longer there, it ran parallel with the Winter Street Hospital end of Mushroom lane) however, on the 1922 map of central (linked to on here) it's not shown, (neither is Martin Street) Terry Street at attercliffe used to be less than a hundred yards long, only running the length of Carbrook School, it now runs right round where the Recreation ground used to be. The "notorious" Havelock Square is now Holberry Gardens....
  3. I remember the "emgas" (East Midlands Gas) showrooms at the bottom of Fargate where the HSBC bank is now, I remember going downstairs with my mother to pay the bills. I also remember the Pound Shop on the moor as the gas showrooms. The "YEB" (Yorkshire Electricity Board) had showrooms on Arundel Gate and at Moorfoot where the "BrightHouse" shop is now.
  4. this one doesn't seem to have been mentioned... Infirmary road sheffield http://maps.google.co.uk/?ll=53.390904,-1.46616&spn=0.014844,0.05888&t=h&z=14&layer=c&cbll=53.390879,-1.482507&panoid=782Kv72KafDtZIPGNeVHyg&cbp=11,271.39,,0,10.78
  5. The Blackstock, on Newfield Green shops is similar age/ style to the Jervis Lum, that may be the one you may be thinking of . The Bayard's is similar,too, but the Wyvern, The Gaunt and The Horse and Groom were all built in a "house" style rather than the 1960s block-y style of the Jervis and the Blackstock. Blackstock, here:- http://maps.google.co.uk/?ll=53.355516,-1.448999&spn=0.000724,0.00092&t=h&z=20 not much to see of the Bayard's, and its window but here's a pic http://maps.google.co.uk/?ll=53.357456,-1.447395&spn=0.000724,0.00092&t=h&z=20&layer=c&cbll=53.357456,-1.44765&panoid=dNbrNOJMs_udBAIXWw8ahA&cbp=12,45.47,,0,1.25 (what an utter eyesore!) looking at the pics, on first glance, I would say that the Blackstock and the Bayard's were more alike, compared to each other, than they were to the Jervis Lum, although they were all built around the same time, with almost identical housing around them (remember the three blocks of maisonettes around the Bayards, on Daresbury? same architecture as the maisonettes on Newfield Green shops, and behind the Jervis Lum). The Jervis was really just a "bay-windowed" version of the Blackstock and the Bayard's.
  6. Only last week, my father and I were talking about Butler's Cafe, (before all this gubbins happened!) Dad said that he and his younger brother really disliked the school lunch that was served on a Monday, at their school in Crookesmoor. They would take their 2d and go over to Butlers and have a MASSIVE nosh-up there with a pie for main course, and a steamed pudding for dessert.
  7. looking at the mess made of the building, some corner-cutting idiot who knows nothing about accroes and RSJ's, it would seem.
  8. Fabbo! That's interesting. Incidentally, that large pool of water is still there..... .... it's just moved further down, to the tram stop opposite Nandos! edit to add it's grown a bit, as well!!!
  9. Amazing work, Vox, that you managed to get your van into that little building! Well done ;)
  10. just one little problem, It's t'wrong way round!
  11. round about my place, when the bills arrive! ;)
  12. What a lovely old house, and what a state that shiplap stuff has made of this property. Such a pity. I love the fancy stone column in the corner on the original picture
  13. A Arbourthorne B Birley C Catcliffe D Dore E Ecclesall F Firth Park G Grenoside H Hackenthorpe I Intake J Jordanthorpe K Kelvin L Langsett M Manor N Netherthorpe O Owlerton P Pitsmoor Q Queens Road (ouch, I know!!) R Ridgeway S Stannington T Totley U Underbank (out Stocksbridge way!) V Vaughton Hill (again, Stocksbridge) W Woodhouse X~ ~ ~ nope, Stumped... Y York Street? Z ~ ~ ~ nope, Stumped...
  14. Sorry, no, there's nothing left,. It was all filled in because the supertram track was to run over the top of it, so the rubble from the demolition of Hyde Park Flats was used to fill in the void. This was the H-I-T-R under construction. You can see the tunnels which led to the underground shops and entrances to Walshes, C&A and the Co-Op etc. http://www.picturesheffield.com/frontend.php?keywords=Ref_No_increment;EQUALS;v03422&pos=28&action=zoom&id=44676 These images were both taken from the same place (Walshes/ TJ Hughes store) overlooking the H-I-T-R being filled in:- Before:- http://www.picturesheffield.com/frontend.php?keywords=Ref_No_increment;EQUALS;s02399&pos=52&action=zoom&id=6082 After:- http://www.picturesheffield.com/frontend.php?keywords=Ref_No_increment;EQUALS;s02398&pos=51&action=zoom&id=6081 Ask away, by the way, Busy lizzie, pretty much any question about "old" Sheffield can probably be answered by most of the members on here, they are a wealth of information. (God! I feel so old, now... ! the HITR was only just over 40 years ago! )
  15. I'm loving the pics of Carbrook School, Historydude! My mother came from Carltonville Road, adjacent to the old school. I can remember it being sandblasted clean of the soot and grime, about a year after that 1966 picture was taken. I remember it because I was only a tot, being walked past the Terry Street corner on my way to my Grandpa's house, and some of the grit blew into my eye. I had a proper fit of the screaming ab-dabs about it.
  16. I've just peeped at the original "Sheffield Replanned" thread. Amazing designs, but yes, some of it very "Stalinist" looking! The main thing I have noticed, though, is that the "newly designed" buildings are in a very flat area, nothing like the steep hills of Sheffield!
  17. Hi, Spashley, and welcome. Another historical loon, here! (or should that be Hysterical? ) Amongst other businesses, the C&A (now Primark, and Walshes (the now-empty TJ Hughes) that had entrances to the HITR, underground... They were sealed off and bricked up when the HITR was demolished. The underground/ basement-y bits are still there, but, obviously, there's no HITR any more. (In TJ's you can still see the fire-escape stairs at the side of the corner entrance, which led down to the subway.) there were escalators inside Walshes from the HITR up to the street level, which were removed many years ago. The doors to the subway were immediately below the doors that face onto the Castle Square Tram Stop. When I was a teenager, the subway entrance to C&A led into their "Youth" fashion section, called "Clockhouse".
  18. Gower and Burgons had branches all over Sheffield. There was one at the side of the John O'Gaunt on Blakstock Road Shops, There was one on Park hill Flats' shopping precinct, I remember one at Gleadless Townend, and I am sure there was one by Sheffield Lane top, though I am prepared to be wrong.( I seem to remember someone mentioning a G&B at Ecclesfield) picturesheffield has a couple of pics of Gower and Burgons branches at Hackenthorpe, and Staniforth Road
  19. nearly 30 years on, from the fire's destruction, and it's still a total eyesore:- https://maps.google.co.uk/maps?q=Holme+Lane,+Sheffield&hl=en&ll=53.401761,-1.502874&spn=0.002047,0.00368&sll=53.48139,-1.343962&sspn=0.523023,0.942078&oq=holme+l%3Bane+sheff&t=h&hnear=Holme+Ln,+Sheffield,+United+Kingdom&z=18&layer=c&cbll=53.401689,-1.503832&panoid=4BjW_O6wrNJfhkxpVvw04Q&cbp=12,299.12,,0,5.19
  20. Thylacine, I worked in Mental Handicap nursing, (as Learning Disabilities Nursing was called back then) from the late 70's, and I do remember that there was a unit at NGH for patients with mental handicaps, called Rivermead. I can't remember the names of the individual wards at the Rivermead, though.
  21. Reminds me of the joke about the little lad, reciting his times tables... he starts off, in the chant "One two is two, two twos are four..." etc etc, He gets to the higher tables, and starts going "dah dah da-da. dah dah dah dah-da-dah Dah dah dah dah-de-dah," Teacher says "Fred, what ARE you doing?" Fred says" Sorry Miss, I know the tune, But I've forgotten the words!"
  22. Page six of the Mystery clocks thread, Post 207 features a picture of said "Five-and-twenty-past" clock. it started to be Christened the " "Five-and-twenty-past" clock by about post 228. I'm amazed to see the posts date from late August 2010! Edit: Post 207
  23. I paid a visit to my dad today, and on the way back, my friend and I drove down Archer Road. As usual, when I go past the "Centenary works" where the "five-and-twenty-past" clock was sited, I looked out for the clock, and, to my dismay, it's....................... ............................ ......................... GONE! The factory has been redeveloped into "apartments", and the clock has been removed. NOOOOOOOO! *sob* I'm actually very sad. that clock has been telling us that it's "Five and twenty past seven" for, well, donkey's years, really. It's a while since I've been on that section of road, so I didn't even know they were developing the building, let alone that the clock would be gone. (By the way... What's the difference between a "Flat" and an "Apartment"? About fifteen thousand pounds, at the last look)!