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  1. Any pics of it being blue , or links too when/why it was painted green. Can,t find any other mention of it originally being blue (apart from the light ) ??
  2. ! got caught smoking in the toilets...twice ! both by man Smith, he taught us woodwork in the first room on the left on the bottom corridor past the stairs, turning the corner ,first right was the metalwork room with man Cook ( later i think he married miss Curry ) , got caught nicking rivets from there to use as " pellets " in an elastic band catapult for use behind the Trav`s on a friday afternoon when we wagged it during the free lessons, after the metalwork room on the right was the cookery rooms.End of the corridor was the "flat" that was used for domestic science ( no idea what went on in there ! ). Halfway down the corridor on the left was the steps up to the art room in the quad, directly behind which was the library. Amazing how one picture can bring back so many memories! And yes, i also tried to get various items over the bridge, on one occasion failing miserably and catching the attention of a bobbing bald head belonging to a certain Mr Witham , those of you that knew of him will not need me to finish that sentence ,as there was only one outcome when you were summoned by him !.
  3. Don't know if this has been posted on here before, (but i'm sure i'm about to find out !). I was recently out at Loxley taking some photographs of the old refractories around Storrs Bridge lane, when i came across this, laid on one of the pathways. The inscription is MARK BELOW ----------------------TWO FEET ---------------------- ABOVE WEIR ----------------------AS AGREED ------------------------182? Last number seems to be 3 but not entirely sure.
  4. Thanks as always guys, i,ll pass on the info to the relevant party.Am i ok to post the picture on our site ,with a link and acknowledgement to Sheffield History.
  5. Hi all a couple of questions have popped up on the pictures of Sheffield old and new site that i help to run on facebook (http://www.facebook....=group_activity ) (1) One of our members works at Stone the crows at the top of the Moor ,They are moving premises shortly and are curious as to who occupied the premises before it was Macdonalds ( someone has suggested it was at one time Manfield ?) (2) another member has found this picture at work which they think was taken in the botanical gardens (no date) any idea as to who /what it is
  6. Not of any particular historical interest.Just thought it made a nice pic !!
  7. Popular place ! Went up there at the beginning of June, wont be going anywhere near the main house if i go again, the floors are like tissue paper and any reasonable wind brings pieces of masonry down from the upper floors---very very dangerous. BUT.....even without the main building its a fascinating place.And there,s a nice view of Sheffield in the distance looking over Bradfield
  8. Hiroshima memorial in the Japanese garden remnants of one of the old fireplaces in the outer wall I stepped over and had a peek inside ,it seems to be a dry store for cement and such like,dIdnt look like it was in regular use though Also got a pic of this fearsome beast guarding the Bishops house
  9. I put some pics up on our facebook site, and one of our members who is on the charities committee at Nabarro solicitors is going to get a group together and go and see the organisers.
  10. The first display we had down there in Feb last year was mostly transferred into the Sheffield Showcase and then on to the Clocktower at the northern general, and then into the Winter Gardens, some of them are in the co-op display and some are in the Dog and Partridge on Trippet lane in what has turned into a semi permanent collection that we,re going to keep updating. we still have around 90 pictures stored down at the Castle Market that we were going to use as the starting point for a display to be shown over Christmas,but time and politics conspired against us (don,t ask !) We had almost settled on a permanent display in the new markets that are planned at Moorfoot,but now that has been suspended,we may be back in the market with another display to fill up the empty stalls.
  11. Thanks Steve and Richard for the info i,ll add it to the picture ( with an acknowledgement ) on the site
  12. We always try to get people to detail their uploads but many of them dont know any details, and with 12,000 + images and almost 3,000 members its almost impossible to research them all. Part of the reason for having so many images is that we dont put any limitations on uploaded pictures, basically if it is of or about Sheffield it will be included.
  13. The Facebook group that i help to run has a picture exhibition showing in the shopfronts at the B&C Co-op on Castle St, Jack wrigley has become a member of the group and has contributed some of his pictures which are on show there. On Tuesday we also had a BBC Look North film crew down at The Dog and Partridge Trippet lane where we have a smaller display showing to film a piece about the group which was shown last night. We were very pleased that Jack turned up and got a piece on camera.The article was shown on Look North last night, but is available HERE on the Iplayer, the piece starts 14:20 into the show. Jack did a longer piece which was edited out ,but we are hoping to get all the footage that was shot and edit it ourselves. As soon as we have it i,ll put a link on here. The group and its pictures can be found on Facebook HERE