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  1. Agree, however, my memory must be rubbish because I cant remember the fair being there - does anyone remember going?
  2. Thanks for the update Dave. As an aside : do you know what happened to the Herberts by any chance? Seeing their "old" flat in the pics brought back a few memories!!
  3. HONK HONK!!! Quick - take action before our heritage goes down the pan. The hospital building is beautiful and deserves respect. THIS WHOLE THING IS A DISGRACE If we sit back and dont sign the petition/send off a letter protesting then we only have ourselves to blame in the future. If we act now at least we can look ourselves in the mirror and say we tried.
  4. OK- its now been 3 months since my original plea for help, so I am trying again in the hope that someone out there can point me in the right direction PLEASE!!!!!!
  5. Presume they are down now??? Any more news to report on the Shopping Centre?
  6. FAB - thank you - the memories are flooding back now - good job I have still got my swimming cozie to keep me afloat! he he
  7. Thanks Richard - brings back memories. My Aunt loved working there and I loved shopping there lol
  8. What a beautiful photograph. My thoughts are with you.
  9. PHEW - thanks - now I understand. I will wear it as a badge of honour!!! lol
  10. Please do if you have the time - it would be good to see.
  11. Anyone remember the "Richard Shops" adverts on TV? I think, if my memory serves me well it went something like:- "Richard Shops are filled with all the pretty things, lots of lovely pretty things to wear. Hey there pretty girl make the world a .....??? place......????? come buy your clothes at Richard Shops" I loved this shop and have still got a swimming costume I bought from there many moons ago which I wear! Dont laugh - it actually still looks good. You know what they say about fashion - it always does a full circle and comes round again Now where are my Bay City Roller trousers????? :)
  12. Hi : Is there only me showing a box called 'Warning Points' - luckily its showing zero so I guess thats a good thing??????? :huh:
  13. Who the heck knows - not even sure that they do! It can hardly be seen as progress. :(
  14. HERE HERE - I completely agree - its disgusting.
  15. Anybody out there able to help with my earlier post PLEASE. Do records have to be kept by what I believe to be was a private nursing home? Anyone got any background to the home? HELP would be greatly appreciated. :unsure: