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  1. Remember Hobbies, near to the brass measures that were mounted on the wall round the Peace Gardens
  2. Definitely rag and tag, closed to put a roundabout there, you can just make out the traffic turning at the traffic lights on the right hand side, the bottom of Broad St., the Hay Market had been demolished. Funny things dreams can they be passed on through the generations?
  3. I871 Census shows Richard Thompson at The Greyhound number 156 Pond st. next page shows Royal Oak Public House Publican & horse killer any Photo's ? Regards, Peter
  4. Hi RichardB 1871 Census---95 The Green---"The Ball"----John Dale--- Publican & Edge Tool Grinder John Dale was at The Ball Heeley Green from 1871 as per above. His will states he died there in 1876, wether he was running the pub or not I have yet to find out. His Executor was Abraham Bocking of The Benlomond Public House Eyre St. One of the witnesses was Edwin Wilmot, brewer of Sheffield. Hope this helps a little ! Regards Peter
  5. Hi Bayleaf, great piece of detective work to find this, the translation makes it readable. I managed to find in the Sheffield Archives :--- Ref. WWM CI-3 Manor of Tinsley, 1-4 Two copies of the Account of the Division Of Tinsley 10. EDW. III (1336) Consists of 3off A3 copies of the original. Unfortunately I can only make out some of the names,Henricus de Tyneslawe, Johannes de Breton, Johes de la Hay, Roger Swyft, Robt. Breton, Will Clarel of Tykehill, Robt. de Hartley, if someone with knowledge of Latin could translate this it would be a goldmine for family history researches. I have copies of the Rolls but I can't put them up here due to the Sheffield Archive Stamps on each of the 3 sheets.
  6. Fantastic photo's Stuart0742, keep them coming, takes me back a bit, can't wait for the trip down Prince of Wales Rd, then down the "Cliff". Regards Peter
  7. Hand file cutters also known as "Nicker Peckers" Cheers Peter
  8. Hi Jeremy, thanks for the info, the link to the past lord mayors leads to the website showing the actual mace, and from there, there is a link to The Mace Bearers Guild, unfortunately there is no archival material online, perhaps a snail mail letter will be required! Peter
  9. There must be a list of all the Lord Mayors but what about the other members of the retinue on civil occasions? I had an uncle who was the Beadle or maybe it should be Beagle I'm not sure, he was the guy who carried the Mace, and what did that represent? Any information would be appreciated. Thanks in anticipation. Peter
  10. Hi there, Just thought I'd let you all know there are many old photo's of "Davy's" in the Sheffield Archives Shoreham Street Regards