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  1. I always think about the famous people that played at this club when I walk up the steps between what was the Fiesta and the NCP car park. Not the best of short cuts, but this old lad is a nostalgic one!
  2. I wonder if one day, maybe not during my lifetime, HITR will be partly dug up by Time Team..? Interesting to see if that GeoFizz thingy could pick out the tunnels and window displays that were once down there. Might even find some old fish bones!
  3. That Manpower building never grew on me. It's one of the most disgusting pieces of tatt I've ever seen. Must take 1/2 hour to reach your desk after going through the entrance!
  4. Was even worse coming down - the belt going faster than the stairs meant it was safer NOT to hold the moving handrail! Then there was a bank of payphones somewhere near to the bottom of those escillators and always in use, with people waiting to make phone calls. Hardly ever see anyone using the few payphones that are left now...
  5. I remember the old red kiosk in our village, now gone. It took 2p for local calls and 10p for national calls. Something must ave malfunctioned once, as for many weeks the deposited 2 pence would end up in the return coin slot on insertion when the rapid pips were heard, but your call was still connected. Didn't work for 10p slot, so if you wanted to dial long distance for free, you could do, as long as were on the ball at keep shoving the 2p back through the mechanisim every few seconds. Was like shelling peas, but we got free calls! Needless to say, ques for that particular box were long!
  6. I remember that style of kiosk when I was a kid in the 1970's and that door was really difficult to open. Didn't they used to have mirrors in and a *** ash tray, too..? Goodness, times changed!
  7. Telephone Box Challenge? Find one with a phone inside that is intact and still takes coins! That is a challenge!
  8. Dig it out, fill it in, dig it out, fill it in... You never know, the mighty HITR may return someday... Was unique and even these days, when I walk along Arundel Gate, past the rows of takeaways, one of them used to be The Golden Grill, im sure - still think I am going to see the ramped entrance down into the underworld of subways and shops...
  9. Remember the escillators - that moving hand rail went faster than the stairs and was out of sinc! They didn't half make a racket, too...
  10. Good one! I'll ave a guess at 1973, as the concrete roof of HITR doesn't look like it's aged much - Walsh's Department Store still there, which pre-dated Rackhams and can see one of those early Ford Escorts..?
  11. Many thanks for adding the link, Steve - job well done. I've no idea how to do these things and the pic of the 1967 show is a good one! There are some good pics of HITR on picturesheffield.com that show many stages in the life of the famous Castle Square Subway from a tidy start, to a shameful ending just before the place was filled in. Some of the pics show additional roof supports were placed in the subways prior to bricking them up, strengthening the surface above for traffic and Supertram. I wonder if some of these tunnels are still there, under the ground? If they are, must be a very creepy place now! By my rubbish maths, has HITR been filled in for nearly as many years as it was open?
  12. Granted, the 1974 Christmas Tree is a bit sparce - must ave been all them platform heels trotting through the subways that shook its needles to the floor! There is a much better HITR Christmas Tree pic, I think taken in 1967 that can be seen via picturesheffield.com and under the search of "Castle Square". Really is a lovely pic, in colour, too. That's how I remember the lights back then. Have a look - don't want to upload the pic here incase of copyright, but still nice to give people an idea if we could... You can see the big tree, the MASSIVE lit up crowns above HITR at the road junctions and folks down below, nebbing into that famous fish tank... ============================================= Link to picturesheffield - Illuminations, Castle Square
  13. Rocky Horror Show and New Town Hall extension same year??? The Rocky Horror Show has stood the test of time much better!
  14. That's absolutely lovely! I never went to Jopehines - not my bag, but a good mate of mine did frequent the club in the eighties and bless her, still misses it to this day - even though she was there on the night of the shooting, hiding in nearby bushes!
  15. Remeber Rebels well - those stairs - never ending! Like climbing the Helter Skelter in Skegness! Sticky floors - don't fall down! Plastic beer glasses - smoking, coats on pool table, ultra violet lighting - end of night flood lighting!! Just what you needed when the wee hours called and you KNEW the hangover from Hell was just around the corner! Loved it! Many happy nights in Rebels - same crowd - like a family. Christmas and New Year's Eve was brill - Nelly The Elephant song blasting out, all them boots n shoes jumping up and down on that dance floor - wonder we didn't end up in the Burton's shop below!