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  1. Large building in background believed to be station inn, I have cross referenced this to the map of this area taken at the time.
  2. Brightside station in the early 20th century, sorry about the poor quality, taken on camera phone from a book, in the dark. :D
  3. Great work, thank you very much. That's most probably what it was, it has a plausible explanation now after all. Thanks for getting stuck in vox With the photos, beat me to it.
  4. Thanks for the info Steve, going to try and get over this weekend for a closer look
  5. Great stuff, thanks for the info, I'm tempted myself to stick a camera through the hole, Couldn't imagine a house with its own (muggers ally). But that's what the 1904 map seems to show. If the villas are long gone maybe they were there long before the rest of the housing behind on Woodbank crescent.
  6. Right, so through the garden gate, Through the arch shown today and up more steps to villas, makes sense I suppose, There is a public staircase to the right of this leading to the houses behind.
  7. Thanks for the quick reply, I'll look into that theory
  8. Driven past this hundreds of times and never really noticed it, its on woodseats road, Any ideas or old pictures?? Cheers Tom
  9. I spotted one yesterday on attercliffe road outside the old bulldog public house
  10. My dad and his family lived on ditchingham street from 48 until they knocked them down
  11. just a quick shot of the Coliseum today,
  12. Tony's on upwell street, Grimesthorpe
  13. next time im down there with my camera ill take some :)
  14. yeah i'd definately get some proper ones done, before it all comes down :(