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  1. Welcome back Richard!! Auntie Connie worked for Richards' for at least 25 years, not sure where she ended up after that, but know she worked at the Raven for some time. She's probably not the same woman you remember as I'm sure she didn't have tattoos. Got some great photos of her behind the bar somewhere, must find them out! Worth noting the Palm Tree in Walkley has reopened as 'The Raven' too!
  2. Wish I'd been alive when it was open. My great-aunt Connie worked there for many years.
  3. Call me boring, and I wouldn't say this is the place to be scoring political points, but the upcoming election is a parliamentary general election, not a local election. The council aren't elected by a general election.
  4. Those are phenomenal! Thanks very much Edmund, they're exactly what I've been looking for! I've given up looking for images of the brothers however, nothing in the archives, online or at the local studies library. Also concluded that Edward Tennant died c.1846 in Tadcaster..
  5. Thanks for the pointers mate, I'll add anything I come across to the relevant threads. There's plenty out there relating to the company from 1882 onwards, but very little from the period before.
  6. Hi all, I'm currently researching the Exchange Brewery as part of a local history project for uni and was just wondering if anyone had any memories/photos/stories about the company and their products. I have researched the company at both the Sheffield archives and central library, but any information would be massively appreciated. I'm focusing the project on the early years of the company, concentrating on the three key figures in the early 1850s, Robert and Edward Tennant (both of whom seem to be rather elusive, with no surviving photographs featuring them) and Thomas Moore, the development of the Bridge Street site and the change of ownership following R. Tennant's death in 1866. Thanks in advance! Lewis