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  1. I remember the mine when I was about 10 we used to walk past it to go and play down at the woods, there were 2 weirs if I remember rightly one was a lot further up the river and we used to use it to cross the river sometimes. It was a good place for catching crayfish? I seem to remember taking a live one to school so it lived in a fish tank in class for a few weeks.
  2. This images brings back some really powerful memories for me. it reminds me of shopping with my parents atChristmas, and always getting excitied at seeing the tree!
  3. I started at Shortbrook Middle school (the one in the opening credits of The Full Monty) Mr Chalkley and miss Willis were my teachers. I then went to westfield Grammer, which became, westfield lower School at Halfway. Demolished now of course, I remember the covered walkways between classrooms, and the doors that were all glass windows, that on hot days 9when we had them, could be opened up. i then went to the upper school at Mosbrough, again now demolished. I remember having to wlak over the spilled coal outside the A block Kitchens, after the deliveries, the fact the K block didn't have a single working toilet, and none of the toilets had doors!
  4. I know its probably slightly off topic, but does anyone remember the crisps that had the football card in the packet with them? Around about 1977/78. I remember collecting the whole world cup Scotland team, only saw them in the school tuck shop.
  5. I used to work for Rotherham Council i the late 80's and still visit town when I get a chance, usually when visiting my father, its such a shame that the town centre seems to have become a pubs only district. I remember the town centre when great names as Woolworths, Marks and Spencer and C & A were still there, I loved the compactness of the centre. What was the name of the big department store just below the old Magistrates court?
  6. I managed to find Chris's eBay shop, Gabadon Music and managed to purchase a couple of CD's of some of the older stuff, great memories, especially of the Leadmill in the 80's
  7. Since posting this, I have found quite a few sites with footage etc. Am so inspired went and dug the old LPs out of the lost for a listen and regressed back to my teens! Now where are those joss sticks.......
  8. Does anyone else remember Haze? I remember seeing them at the Leadmill more then once (My Maths teacher was Paul Chisnell, the drummer) and I was hoping for extra credits! i have a couple of their tapes and an LP, (none of which I can play now) They were quite an influence on my musical tatses in those days, and remember spending ages painting a large mushroom on my school 6th Forum locker during the summer of 1983!
  9. I remember one of the highlights of Christmas, was once school had broken up for Christmas, catching the bus with mum and sitting upstairs at the front as we rode down the moor so I could look at the lights. I seem to remember Debenahams being the Santa we went to in the 1980's 9i think) but Redgates was the place to go. Christmas presents were always, an apple, orange, walnuts, a Blue Peter Annual, and a big present, some of the ones i remember were Army Meccano, A hornby Flying Scotsman train set, frustration, Campaign, and tank battle, despite being in my 40's I still have some of them tucked away in the loft! Meltis Newberry fruits is something I awlays remember from Christmas, I always bought them as a present for Mum, and whenever I see them now it always reminds me of her. I do remember going to the kids Christmas party at Stanley tools, and Moore & Wrights where Dad worked. It was always in the staff canteen which was on the lower floor of the office building in front of the Handsworth site (now the Asda store) Big Christmas tree, and a visit from Santa with a present like a cap gun or toy soldiers! also a cartoon show from a a super 8mm projector. Going to the Panto at the Crucible and the stars throwing sweets into the audience.
  10. I do remember getting into trouble when I was in the Air Cadets in the 1980's for having a map on the wall of the classroom that showed a bombing mission planned for Donesk when the local Labour MP came to visit!
  11. Try looking for Tinsley open days on you tube, there are quite a few viseos showing the inside of the sheds. I too have tried to find track plans with no sucess, good luck!
  12. Any more information oon the location, I used to live at Halfway, and was always down that area spotting in the 80's. It is only know that I learned about the scrappers in the area. Is it on the Kilamarsh side of the Beighton Crossing Footbridge?
  13. Hi does anyone have any close up shots of 1950's /60s Sheffield bus and tram stops, and shelters? Particularly the signs and styles of pole used.
  14. Old Jamaica has been reintroduced, I bought some in Sainsburys t'other day, still tastes as good as it always did! Chewy Texan bars? Does anyone remember cheesy criss cross? Twin bars with that soft cheese you get in cheesy footballs down the middle and a cripy criss cross crispy type shell on the outside, round about 1980/81 if I remember. West Indian Oranges, orange round boiled sweets from a shop in castle market, found a similar sweet called blood oranges at Beamish Museum last time I visited.
  15. We used to go on Wednesday afternoon from school, (instead of PE!) caught the 261 from Mosborough, spent an hour on the ice until the teacher went, then all disappeared into town for the rest of the afternoon!