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  1. The shop that was the tv repair shop used to be Eric Broadhead butchers until he moved to take over the other butchers in Derbyshire Lane when he retired
  2. Thank you for the information about tram points .It is something that has puzzled me .Very interesting thank you
  3. There was a singer called Jimmy Crawford I knew from going to Sheffield Speeedway Iin the 60s does he count
  4. Does anyone remember the temperance bar that was on Abbeydale Road .We used to have a pint on Sasparella served in a pint glass pulled by a hand pump .There was a long wooden bar running across the shop .You could obtain other non alchaholic drinks.
  5. Thanks for your reply. I will try the places you suggest.
  6. I remeber the chip shop on the bottom part of Derbyshire Lane .When it was run by the Middletons it was still fired by coal one fire in each end.When young children went with their parents they were given a small packet with a few chips.In those days you could get chips 4 old pence and fishcakes 4 old pence and it was that popular the que went round the shop and onto the pavement.Happy Days
  7. Is there anywhere that I can find pictures of the terraced houses that use to be off Abbeydale Road where the council estate is now .Southcroft Walk Sellers Street ect