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  1. Hi I went to Malin Bridge Junior school then Myers Grove Comp left in 1974
  2. My friends dad was Maxs brother surname of Kamara. They owned another club on Eccelsall Road known as "Shades" in the late 60s and through the 70s. She and her sister used to visit the clubs on saturday afternoons and as we got older i went too. The Genervieve was so called after Maxs daughter and the Shades club became the casino "Napoleans" in the 80s.
  3. Thats the one. The Elephant and my great grand dad Herbert Hancock at Thomas wards.
  4. Just read your post about the "Bricklayers Arms". My grand parents lived at 79 Clough Road and my grand father, Harold Elwood always drank in there, taking with him his son Frank and his four son in laws every Christmas.
  5. Hi I found out today that my great grand dad looked after an elephant at Thomas Wards. Herbert Hancock born in the summer of 1869 married Sarah H Fellows in December of 1893 going on to have many children including my Nan Violet Leach nee Hancock. Anyone have any more information? .
  6. Thanks for information and pics Stevie B, I had already checked out google maps and as you can see the house has been altered. The stone pillars are long gone as is the stone head but the memories are still there.
  7. Hello, I`v been tracing my family tree which has thrown up many questions about where my mothers family lived during the war particularly the house they rented at 79 Clough Road. It was reported via family members to have been a private school before the 1st world war and commissioned by the war office during the war. My family rented it from around 1939 till 1979 and as grandchildren, which we were many spent hours with my cousins in the area, climbing over the church wall, watching the changes to the church yard and other developments. One of my family claims that the stone pillars that stood either side of the steps up to the front door of 79 had the words " Clough House " chiseled into the stone but on cross checking census references " Clough House " was on Charlotte Road. The house also had a stone " Head " mounted high up above the front bedroom window. Who he was and why he was there we have never been able to prove, Duke of Norfolk may be!!
  8. Hi, I was brought up in Hillsborough between 1965 & 1980 and remember "nuns" around Minto Road and believe the house they occupied was roughly 25yds uo from Middlewood Road and backed on to the childrens home which was on Dykes Hall Road. Whether they ran the home or not i`m not quite sure. There was a big Convent at Bradfield plus Sacred Heart School on Forbes Road. My fathers family were Catholic, living off Parkside Road and buried in Catholic Cemetery in Riverlin. Hope this will help you, Julie
  9. Hi Alan, I remember the co-op well. It was where the new co-op is now only obviously not the same building and not Burtons or on Hillsborough corner. It was set much closer to the road all on the flat no steps or ramps. Once through the front glass doors the floor opened out on both side with the stairs ahead which were straight and wide with the shoe department on the left and decorating on the right. Tucked in one corner was the accounts box where the money ran up and down a pipe which travelled all around the shop. I don`t remember any coffee shop and the present shop was built in the late 80`s early 90`s. The post office was on Hillsborough Place. Julie
  10. Hia thanks all for your help, very interesting. One can only assume that these children are orphans!
  11. Yes it was in the "Indexes" census 1841. Bernard Hancock aged 12, Herbert Hancock aged 10 and Walter Hancock aged 8. All of Myrtle Springs Handsworth. Thanks
  12. On researching my family tree i came across several names of children and young adults all living together under one address but not the same surname. The address was of Myrtel Spings, Handsworth. Was this a work house?
  13. Hello Hugh, Thanks for your reply with information as regards to burials in City Road Cemetery. My grandparents and my father are up there but gran never said her parents were there. Another puzzle to solve.
  14. Hi Lozzie. Thank you very much for all the information on my gran Violet Hancock. I can now complete my family tree.
  15. Hia my gran lived on Clough Road behind St Marys church and my cousin and i were always around the Moor every Saturday. The music shop was Virgin records long before a store opened up on High Street.