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  1. Excellent photo. And because I can never resist it, here's what The Scottish Map (my nickname for it) says was there circa 1900 (Walker Street running down the side of Wicker Arches in case orientation of both images isn't immediately obvious (it got me initially))
  2. Possibly - I seem to remember something pretty nasty round there in the 80's and public rights of way tend to get retained over the centuries Left hand image, I think the gennel is next to the letter N in Pond / right hand image crosshairs point to the modern position
  3. Reminds me of a chemistry lesson once. The kid next to me was being a real t**t and wouldn't leave my watch alone so i stabbed him in the back of his hand with my blunt pencil. i got away with it but the t**t was sent off to A&E with suspected lead poisoning (spot the glaring error from our illustrious tutor)
  4. Well I'll start... At a friend's we once made 'elderberry wine' - ie elderberries mashed up in water. I was the idiot who drank it and had to clean the crimson vomit up for two days (raw elderberry being poisonous). Then there was the time I tried to clean out a nearly empty vodka bottle by dropping a match in it to burn off the vodka. I wasn't quick enough, and with an understated 'FOOM' from the bottle, toasted a couple of fingers - one of which is still numb nearly 40 years later
  5. Another couple of good ones: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Sheffield-Forge-Dam-Shows-Numbered-Rowing-Boats-RPPC-P-M-Sheffield-1937-Bamforth/333271590710?hash=item4d9888e736:g:JuQAAOSwBlBdMhMx https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Sheffield-Boating-Pond-Whiteley-Woods-Real-Photograph-Postcard-P-M-1932-Bamforth/333271589199?hash=item4d9888e14f:g:DZUAAOSwOPxdMhJ7
  6. I also found this curious website (clue - look for the recipient) http://www.theheritagemine.com/itemslist_S.htm
  7. Looks like George V - so 1912 to 1936 according to this http://sunnyfield.co.uk/dayspast/stamps_on_postcards.php (pity about the small images - but I think from a wider google search the 1911 stamp isn't a full profile portrait) trying to figure out if the ghostly silhouette in the top left of the photo is a distant tree or rooftop - looks a little angular but having problems focussing on it...
  8. Maybe they clad the tin with timber to make it a little more seaside/cafe like..?
  9. Another couple from the same vendor: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Postcard-Fulwood-Quiet-Lane-Sheffield/303211484926?hash=item4698d016fe:g:glwAAOSwyWddEnvR https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Postcard-Fulwood-Forge-Dam-and-Annex-Hospital/303213867561?hash=item4698f47229:g:-CAAAOSwKDBdH4dS
  10. It's going to annoy me for days. I either got it from a neighbour who grew up on one of the Gleadless farms, or as a nugget of information in the post war plans for the city that included the aborted South/West part of the outer ring road - on the latter point I might be back bearing gifts in a few days, Amazon permitting...
  11. Thanks For a while I used to cruise for postcards on ebay (some kindly vendors just scan images & don't bother watermarking them) I heard that Mayfield Valley was originally earmarked for the estate that ended up in Gleadless - would be interesting to hear if that's true
  12. Here's a couple of pics from my collection - not noticed them in the two threads, apologies if I've duplicated posting them - top one is dated 1914, the other is going to be late 30's onwards(?) or maybe post war from the typography on the card:
  13. Here's a picture I think I scraped off eBay (and possibly flattened out in photoshop)
  14. Something that's been nagging me actually - I wonder if the OP's picture is of Endcliffe Wheel, given that other paintings we've seen were painted mere yards upstream http://www.riversheaf.org/sheafrwp/?page_id=599
  15. Superb account, thanks for digging that up I find the account of the outworks fascinating
  16. My gran used to work there, so my everyday cutlery is still Eye Witness (wth a little Mosely Rusnorstain thrown in) I've got a bunch of EW knives with Sheffield spelt incorrectly... I like Phlegm a lot, and though his art doesn't float everyone's boat, I suspect that his connection to this now might have saved that memorial stone which otherwise might have been simply sandblasted away - just my humble opinion
  17. Happened by this in the news this morning about someone trying to get a really nice example in West Yorkshire listed Link is from The Yorkshire Post so beware, like The Star, the ads & clickbait make it virtually unreadable https://www.yorkshireeveningpost.co.uk/news/why-rare-gas-decontamination-centre-in-yorkshire-town-is-reminder-of-war-effort-on-home-front-1-9657118
  18. AHA !!! https://public-art.shu.ac.uk/sheffield/mac116.html And it rotated..?!
  19. Probably not applicable, but since I came across this, may as well post it: http://johnbrown-sculptor.co.uk/sculpture-in-hospitals/
  20. There's a large stone plaque outside the doors to reception with the hospitals original name on it - that might offer some clues
  21. ...and looks like there's something here - about halfway down: https://www.sheffieldhistory.co.uk/forums/topic/7031-pub-updates/?page=60