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  1. I remember that GGs was a prefab building under Norfolk bridge a lot warmer than Greasy V's Caravan in winter .
  2. the caravan was called Greasy Veras.
  3. davekgautier

    Urban Explorations

    Deserted military installations and public buildings of all types.
  4. In the early 1960's there was a TA Centre on Greenland Road. I remember it was derelict but still standing in the mid 60's. Can anyone provide information on the TA unit based there and its function. Any photographs would also be welcome. The Picture Sheffield site has no docs/pictures relating to this unit/centre and I am trying to discover as much information as possible. Thanks to all in anticipation
  5. It was called Samanthas. I opened on Sundays until midnight and after half an hour ppened again until 4 am but only sold soft drinks...
  6. scamps was another cant remember where it was usually had a skinfull by the time I arrived there. I filled in between the OOMPAH Band at the HOFFENBRAU HOUSE with the records suppose you could say I was the DJ behind the panel on what was the Right Hand side of the stage