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  1. I Used to work here when it was the Bingo checking winning tickets at evenings. and prize bingo caller now and again
  2. oh my word thats beautifull thank you so much wait till my mum sees it just edited to say i have been busy and done all the photos now on adobe photoshop and they look great,back to when they was first taken, thanks guys for this, mum will be very happy seeing them now. like it was yesturday :rolleyes:
  3. blimey Penthouse/Rebels me and my sister used to go in there every friday night without fail in there all through the 70s. got in there before 11pm I Think it was and you only paid 50p we used to do the wicker walk, then run back up to get in before the price went up. had some fantastic times in Penthouse, the ladies toilets was something to be desired though always flooded out come out of the toilets and through the 2 glass swinging doors.seating area to the right, plastic beer pots. we used to walk passed the stage /dance floor on the right where the D.J Was. and stand under the very big speaker at the end of the stage I always wore A leather bikers jacket jeans and monkey boots. when they literally chucked us out. about 2am after trying to get down the many stairs without falling we walked down the lane and over the bridge up to hyde park flats where I Lived then. Loved the rock music in there. Bring back the 70s
  4. Oh my word Dave thats Brilliant thank you makes my others look awfull now. I Have got photo impact 10.if thats any good? or what do I need to create these better images from old ones. Dont suppose you could do something with this my mum and dads wedding pic? this is my favorate one of them the church is Darnall where mum and dad lived dad on colford rd.next to club.mum over the wall smith st. mums flowers was pink carnations. Thank you again Dave sorry if this should be in another thread.
  5. aww thank you P.T you are kind I owe you a pint I think I look younger now than then. the photography in the 70s wasant as good as nowdays I think colour had just come in then
  6. Was Pheasant at Carbrook Then Stumble inn Now Refurbished Office block with Cafe (Empty)
  7. Believe it or not we was doing 20 mph we was behind a Learner driver Till half way up st Adians where they turned right. so it must be something to do with the ghosts.. :unsure:
  8. my mum (Rose) worked at the little garage that was there in the front about where the rocks are now in the 60's she served Roger Moore (simon templer then) on his way to some do in town. she said he was very handsome and very tall. Also the other part of the garage the main bit was across the road Blue Star Garage. where she worked there in the 60s its still there A few years ago it was A Bakery. Then a car sales. its vacant now.
  9. plumpers the big pub on the tinsley roundabout Now A MASSIVE American Golfing store
  10. Took some pics while We was out and about yesturday 28th sept 2010 Travellers pub City rd Park hill flats top of Duke street these trees have really grown over the years.
  11. No Dave I Went to Carbrook My parents got a house on Edenhall rd. when our house was Demolished around 69/70 But I Went to Hatfield house lane. My Sister Gail went to Norfolk school
  12. Heres A Pic of me stood in the doorway December 16th 1972 Saturday 3.pm 17 yrs old then.