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  1. Will my thread appear this time...... time will tell

  2. Will my thread appear this time...... time will tell

  3. Hi everyone, I'm trying to research the families in the title. I've got a lot of info in regards to decendants but I'm struggling with the ancestry. Gilbert Sargent m June Scriven, both born in the 20's I think and married in 1948. They used to have a fruit and veg stall in the market. Joan Mary Swain lived at Herdings Park for many years Daughter of Georgina Harriet Hadfield (1904-1981) and Frederick Swain. She had siblings Margaret, Valerie Winifred and Frederick jnr as far as I know. and Ernest Jackson m Martha Jackson, as far as I can work out were both born circa 1915-25, They had 4 daughters Pat, Anne, Eileen and Kay. If anyone can help out with any info I'd be very interested to hear from you Thanks Chris
  4. So have you signed up to Owlstalk then Stead85?
  5. Oreyt idiot neck

  6. I know what you mean but I would sacrifice that picture if it meant I never had to hear his voice again!!! lol
  7. Im 23, I lived there from being 2 til I was 8, I can't remember if I was in the second or third block it seems so long ago now but I was in the maisonette at the left hand side of the gravel football pitch as you would look at it from the road. Opposite a little gennel(not the gennel that led to the shop though)
  8. Ooops yeah silly me.... As a child I also lived on Gleadless Valley, 229 Gaunt Road to be precise.
  9. Why does iit take so long to change servers?
  10. Its not bad, its opposite my Aunties, its situated on Backmoor which is the last right hand turn off Blackstock Road if memory serves right.
  11. I'd better get some overtime in at work then lol
  12. Very interesting site, I think I might know a few from OT. Feel welcome to say hello. Wulfric. lol